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Our Kids have rights! Let's Protect them.

Look at what “Safe Schools” resources include:

Gay and lesbian sex techniques

Boys wearing girls school dresses

Chest binding for girls to inhibit breast growth

Penis tucking

Sex toy links

LGBT networks

Fetish club links


A father’s perspective on the trouble with so-called ‘Safe Schools’

(Alternate YouTube link)

A mother explains her concern with so-called ‘Safe Schools’

Watch new video on the Safe Schools program: Paige (mum of 2 and La Trobe student) –“It is contrary to what I am telling her at home. …don’t cut parents out of the conversation … making sure that if a family has concerns they are not shut down … called bigots.” (Alternative YouTube link)

Safe Schools controversy deepens as more parents denounce the program

Parents discuss the Safe Schools LGBT sex education program. Is it “safe”? Is it respectful of diverse values and beliefs of all parents? Does it allow parents to decide when and how to tell their children about matters of sexuality and identity? What do you think? What do you want for your child? (Alternative YouTube link)

Mother of four Cella White speaks in detail about how she withdrew her children from Frankston High School in Victoria in order to protect them from the so called ‘Safe Schools’ program.

VIDEO: Watch Steve, a heroic father, talk about the ‘Safe Schools’ program in his daughter’s school.

George Christensen exposes Safe Schools Coalition Australia adult sex links in federal parliament

George Christensen shows adult sex links

Note: These links were active at the time of publication of the Safe Schools program in 2015.

Why Safe Schools is really “Unsafe Schools”

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs. It encourages many risky sexual activities.

It is so controversial that the Prime Minister has ordered a review of the Federal Government’s funding for the program.

SSCA was created at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University. Many SSCA resources have been produced by Minus18. Both have received Victorian government and the Federal government has provided $8 million to SSCA. It was first rolled out in Victorian schools.

More recently, the program has been expanded across Australia to over 520 schools. The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has declared that it is to be compulsory in all Victorian schools by 2018.

Kids have rights, and those rights must be protected

All children have the right not to be bullied at school or online. Anti-bullying programs must emphasise respect for each and every other person, not single out any one group as though only that group faces bullying.

Parents have the right to decide when it is the right time to talk to their children about intimate LGBTI issues, not the state and not the school.

Parents have the right to determine what values they want taught to their children. Of concern is that the person who set up the Safe Schools Coalition Australia, Roz Ward, claims that the program is part of a strategy to radically change society as claimed by its creator, Roz Ward, who claims that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”

While children an education in human biology appropriate to their age, they also have the right to be protected by the state and by their schools from the Safe Schools Coalition program that links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs.

Check out which schools have signed up to the Safe Schools program:

NSW; Victoria; South Australia; Western Australia; Tasmania; ACT; Northern TerritoryQueensland; Note: Queensland and NSW schools in the program are not named on the SSCA web site.

This petition will be sent to Federal, State and Territory governments promoting and funding Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA).


– The Liberal and National Coalition will cut all Federal funding to Safe Schools, however this does not stop or ban the program which comes under the authority of State Education Ministers.

– Labor has committed a further $6 million in funding to the Safe Schools program (Federal election 2016 Labor commits $6m for safe schools)

– The Greens have committed to increasing Federal funding for the Safe Schools program to $32 million. They also seek to repeal religious exemptions allowing the state to impose the Safe Schools program on faith-based schools.

The Petition

To the Prime Minister, and State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers, and Federal, State and Territory Education Ministers:

We the undersigned object to any government permitting, promoting and/or funding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) program for schools.

We object strongly to:

  • SSCA resources providing school students with links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs;
  • the program promoting risky behaviour such as chest-binding and gender transition treatment;
  • students being taught how to cover their internet browsing history so their parents may not know what they are accessing online;
  • the promotion of a wide variety of risky sexual activities as normal behaviour;
  • the SSCA program being part of a strategy to radically change society as claimed by its creator, Roz Ward, who says that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”

We the undersigned urge your government to promote and fund genuine anti-bullying programs that teach students to respect each and every person, and call on your government to defund and remove the SSCA program from schools.

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Kids Rights



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Ad campaign safe for schools, not TV MarriageSafe Schools Coalition

Rebecca Urban, The Australian, 23 October 2017

The latest TV ad to be rolled out by the anti-same-sex marriage lobby has been deemed unacceptable for general viewing, with the commercial television body declaring passages attributed to the controversial Safe Schools sexuality education program can be aired late in the evening only.

Free TV has advised the Coalition For Marriage that its latest commercial warrants an ‘‘MA’’ classification due to “depictions of implied sexual activity and verbal sexual references” and can air only after 8.30pm, or 9.30pm during a sports program or a film classified as ‘‘G’’ or ‘‘PG’’.

The 30-second commercial, which is due to air tonight and features footage of Safe Schools founder Roz Ward speaking at a same-sex marriage rally, includes passages from the Safe School-endorsed OMG I’m Trans and OMG I’m Queer resources, which are available from the Victorian Department of Education and also appear on the websites of some South Australian schools.

The passages include “penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex and certainly not the ultimate sex,” and “it’s a total lie that all guys have dicks, that all girls have vaginas”, which appear on the screen as text.

The Coalition for Marriage tried to point out to Free TV’s commercial advice arm that the passages had been lifted directly from learning materials approved by various state governments and taught to students from Years 7 upwards. However, it was told the organisation was independent of governments and under the definitions of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice the material was not appropriate for viewing by minors. Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton said he was disappointed by Free TV’s stance given the topical nature of the advertisement.

“It is beyond belief that taxpayer-funded LGBTIQ sex and gender education materials openly made available to students of all ages are given an MA rating for television,” Mr Shelton said.

“The issue of these materials, of parents’ rights, and the direct relationship with changing the Marriage Act are there for all to see, and parents should beware.”

While the Coalition for Marriage has been heavily criticised for arguing that legalising same-sex marriage would lead to an extensive rollout of Safe Schools-style “radical” sexuality and gender diversity education programs in schools, Mr Shelton said evidence was mounting to support the supposition.

“Just this week we have seen footage of the British Prime Minister saying that after redefining marriage they would be pressing ahead with LGBTIQ and gender education in all British schools,” he said, referring to comments Theresa May made last week.

“The idea that all of these issues are unrelated is actually laughable.”

Free TV, the industry body representing Australia’s commercial free-to-air television licensees, was embroiled in controversy earlier this year when an ad celebrating Father’s Day was deemed “political” ahead of the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

That was criticised as “political correctness gone mad” by politicians, but Free TV blamed the ad’s creator, not-for-profit group Dads4Kids, for the ad not running, saying they were asked to add an identification tag declaring political content and refused to do so.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/media/coalition-for-marriages-safe-schools-ad-deemed-too-rude/news-story/f49d7e5931bd2df6137fe747b9e6d5fb

Canberra Liberal claims Safe Schools program asks students to fantasise about same gender Safe Schools Coalition

ABC News, 24 August 2017

A Canberra Liberals politician says the Safe Schools program has “made schools harmful” by traumatising students, damaging their innocence and asking them to sexually fantasise about their own gender.

Opposition youth spokeswoman Elizabeth Kikkert made the comments after her colleague Andrew Wall tabled a petition in the ACT Legislative Assembly, pushing for the withdrawal of government support for the program. The petition had garnered nearly 1,000 signatures.

Ms Kikkert said she had spoken to Canberra children who left school crying after being taught material from the program, which was designed to support and reduce bullying rates among LGBTIQ students and staff.

She said the children were “so upset that they could not sleep for several nights” and that they “have refused to return to their classes because they feel unsafe there”.

She then claimed teachers were asking 13-year-old female students to fantasise about other girls.

“Requiring young people to experiment with sexual attraction of any kind has no place in our classrooms.”

Ms Kikkert said one student confessed the material made their “mind uncomfortable”.

She said the decision to establish a program that supports only sexually and gender diverse students was neglecting other “vulnerable” groups who were not adequately supported, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

“There are many reasons why a student might be bullied at school,” she said.

“Some might be bullied because they do not seem smart, others might be bullied because they are too smart or socially awkward.

Labor and Greens slam petition

Both of the ACT’s other major political parties condemned the petition.

Education Minister Yvette Berry said she was deeply saddened and appalled by the move, though not surprised.

“I think Mr Wall should be ashamed of himself,” Ms Berry said.

“What this petition says, Madam Speaker, to LGBTIQ kids – [is] ‘there is something wrong with you, you are not welcome in our schools and you are not supported in our communities’.”

She said she was sure Mr Wall had been clear about his own sexuality his whole life but that tabling the petition showed he was not prepared to help children who had not been.

Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur criticised both the contents and timing of the petition, given LGBTIQ people were already having their sexual orientation scrutinised by national debate as the same-sex marriage postal survey approaches.

“This should not be a political issue, it is a human issue,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“And this is what leads to the increased prevalence of mental health issues among these young people.”

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-24/canberra-liberal-says-students-being-groomed-by-safe-schools/8840158

Liberals Elizabeth Kikkert says children being ‘groomed’ by Safe Schools program Safe Schools Coalition

Canberra Times, 24 August 2017

Liberal politician Elizabeth Kikkert has accused teachers of “asking 13-year-old girls to fantasise about sexual intercourse” with another woman as part of the Safe Schools program.

Opposition education spokesman Andrew Wall tabled a petition in the ACT Legislative Assembly on Thursday with close to 1000 signatures calling on the ACT government to withdraw all current and future support of the program, which is designed to stop bullying of LGBTIQ students.

An ACT-specific program is being developed by Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT and will be rolled out over the next 18 months after a split from the national program following federal government changes.

Education minister Yvette Berry said Mr Wall should be “ashamed of himself” for bringing the petition forward.

“It says to LGBTIQ kids there’s something wrong with you, you’re not welcome to be included in our community,” Ms Berry said.

“We know LGBTIQ kids are more likely to harm themselves or take their own lives. I will not tolerate children in our schools who are LGBTIQ being intimidated, treated differently or excluded.

“I will stand by every LGBTIQ kid and the ACT government will not be changing its mind about Safe Schools.”

Greens MLA Carline Le Couteur questioned if those who had signed the petition had actually read through the resources, which are available online.

She said she could understand why parents wanted more clarification about the program’s aims but feared some were subscribing to “mistruths”.

But Mrs Kikkert accused the government of having “tunnel vision” about the Safe Schools program.

She said the program should also provide support for students who were the subject of bullying because of their race, religion or intellectual ability.

However Mrs Kikkert also said she’d heard cases of children who were unable to sleep at night because of materials contained in the program.

She said asking a “13-year-old girl to fantasise about being sexually attracted to another girl” could “accurately” be described as “grooming”.

“And then we let teachers ask a 13-year-old girl to fantasise about sexual intercourse. I have personally met with youth in Canberra who have gone home from their classes in tears so upset they couldn’t sleep for several nights all because of the resources from the Safe Schools program,” Mrs Kikkert said

“These are not the children of bigots or homophobes, in fact these students were given written permission by their parents to participate in discussions on Safe School material.

“I ask the Assembly to carefully consider the words of one student: ‘I have been told my whole life that people don’t have a right to touch my body in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable so why is it OK for a teacher to touch my mind in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable in the exact same way?'”

The ACT Education Directorate’s director of school improvement in Tuggeranong Kate Smith said she could not “verify” the experiences Mrs Kikkert described, but said the Safe Schools program was only one of a number of resources teachers accessed to help students feel included.

“I can say as a previous principal we really believe that every student has the right to feel safe and included, and everyone has the right to feel welcome regardless of their individual circumstances,” Ms Smith said.

“With the concerns about the Safe Schools program, it’s a resource, it’s not a curriculum, that school leaders can access to make sure they’re going about inclusion in an evidence-based way.”

The number of signatures on the petition means it will have to be referred to the standing committee on Education, Employment and Youth Affairs, on which Mrs Kikkert is deputy chair and Mr Wall is a member.

Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson chairs the committee and his colleague, passionate LGBTIQ rights campaigner Chris Steel, is the final member.

Mr Steel called on Mrs Kikkert to either take what she knew to the police or retract her statements.

“Her claim that teachers are grooming children for sex is deeply disturbing,” Mr Steel told the parliament.

“It is simply untenable to hang such serious matters out in the Assembly under privilege and not have them addressed.”

It is not the first time tempers have flared about the controversial program around the ACT Legislative Assembly recently.

Earlier this month a rally organised by NSW MP Fred Nile and Australian Christian Lobby leader Lyle Shelton to protest Safe Schools next door in Civic Square was drowned out by supporters of the program.

Source: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/liberals-elizabeth-kikkert-says-children-being-groomed-by-safe-schools-program-20170824-gy2y2x.html

Social engineers determined to remove the wonder from childhood Respectful Relationships

Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian, 23 August 2017

Victoria should change its car numberplates to The Social Engineering State. A new guide has been drafted to help its councils conduct a gender audit on children’s playgrounds to ensure that gender stereotypes are not encouraging domestic violence. Question: what will ensure that children can be children, free from busybody bureaucrats imposing their social, moral and political judgments about kids playing families in the sandpit or race car drivers in the playground?

Decades of Increased litigation and skyrocketing insurance premiums have already wreaked havoc with kids’ playgrounds. These were once ­places of adventure where kids could explore the world beyond their home and parents. It’s where kids first push the boundaries of everyday risk, exploration and initiative, playing freely and making up their own stories long before helicoptering became a parenting technique rather than a feat of airborne engineering. It’s where a grazed knee and a bruise or bump taught kids some resilience; in other words, picking yourself up when something goes wrong. Today most playgrounds are humdrum places for kids. Swings are so safe they have lost their sense of fly-high exhilaration. If you can find a seesaw, it’s a shadow of its former self where squeals of delight once signalled tiny bums knocking on the ground.

Now playgrounds will be measured for more than litigious risk. They will be audited for gendered play so that local councils can think about “not only who is where, and how often, but what are they doing? What are the storylines of their play telling you about what the children think are the normal roles for women and men?” says the Creating Gender Equity in the Early Years guide produced by Melbourne’s Darebin City Council.

It’s bad enough that bureaucracies have built empires of paternalism in the adult world, sidelining the role of civil society and wrecking the symmetry between individual responsibility and individual liberty. Not content with intruding into the adult world, they search for new arenas to impose their activism.

Under the guise of Safe Schools, they injected LGBTI role playing into the classroom. Now, it’s a gender audit of playground. Social engineers of this kind often dress up their effort to regulate using inflated language. Here they are co-opting the emotion around domestic violence to justify policing in a playground to find episodes of a designated new evil of gendered play. Explaining this latest move as good intentions gone awry doesn’t wash any more.

The bureaucratic endeavour to create gender-free playgrounds assumes that this future utopia must be better than what has gone before. It’s a story as old and as flawed as the French Revolution. Just as Edmund Burke, in 1790, predicted that the lofty intentions of that period of social and political upheaval would lead to a worse form of tyranny, it’s safe to predict a new modern form of tyrannical paternalism by bureaucratic edict.

From health to education to human rights, large swathes of social policy have been delegated to unelected bureaucrats, destroying the little platoons of civil society described by Burke as central to a flourishing and free society. That collected wisdom of people, garnered from experience, tradition and custom, has been replaced with a form of mob rule where the claimed wisdom of an elite class is imposed from above.

It’s passing strange that adults cannot conceive that what’s an issue for them becomes an issue for kids only when adults make it one. Then again, maybe that’s the aim, to project adult obsessions about gender on to children. And this playground pursuit of gender equity by taxpayer-funded public servants is enabled by complacent followers of this latest bureaucratic baloney.

We risk losing the kind of adult-free play that emboldened childhood, assuming we haven’t lost it already. I recall a childhood where two working-class parents worked long and hard, and kids after school were left to explore their surrounds free from tightly scheduled afternoon activities. No Kumon lessons to create a maths genius or speech lessons to perfect our voice patterns. No ballet followed by music followed by enforced reading, before a rushed dinner and bed, only to be repeated the next day with a slightly different array of activities.

There was sport organised by schools and clubs, and then the play that kids made up on their own. No gender equity worries, let alone stereotypes. You could play with a Barbie, be a feisty young girl and grow up to be an empowered woman.

When we weren’t in school, a few of us local kids often headed to the local Sturt Gorge, a 244ha adult-free zone a good few kilometres from our home. We were nine and 10 years old; my younger brother, just seven, tagged along. We wandered and explored for hours, pretending to be lost in a big unknown world, with no mobile phones but with a bag of food and plenty of adventures in trees and mucky water. Sometimes we did get lost, but we always managed to be home by dinner, invariably dirty, dishevelled and tired, but also exhilarated by the responsibility and freedom of managing in a world away from parents and teachers.

We also set up stalls in our driveway selling a mix of watery orange cordial and old toys. Try that today. A few months ago a five-year old girl in east London set up a homemade lemonade stand. A half-hour later four council officials approached her father, read from a script about operating a stand without a permit and fined him £150 ($246). Her father, Andre Spicer, who was born in New Zealand and has lived in Australia, told one media outlet that he couldn’t imagine this kind of thing happening here. Except it did, in Bunbury, Western Australia, 18 months earlier when 11-year-old Chelsea-lee Downes wanted to earn some money over Christmas by selling “fresh organic” homemade lemonade, cupcakes and lemon meringue pies. Local councillors shut down her stall, too.

Today, child play is ruined by regulation. That deliciously thrilling and sometime scary dance manoeuvred by kids around responsibility and freedom is being undermined. If not by parents who overthink childhood for their children, then by a broader society that has taken a wholly disproportionate attitude to the normal risks we should expect to confront as children and indeed as adults. Bubble-wrapping kids from the freedom to fall and fail isn’t building resilient young adults if the rising rates of mental illness and childhood therapy are anything to go bycorrect.

Now we’re pushing kids around again, with Victorian social engineers adding their own layer of regulation to audit playgrounds for some lately imagined evil of gendered play. Not only are we imposing adult fixations about gender on kids, we’re regulating the wonder out of childhood. Before we rush headlong into this latest utopian future mapped out by social activists policing modern memes about gender equity, it pays to check whether pushing kids around in this way is moving them and us in the wrong direction.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/columnists/janet-albrechtsen/social-engineers-determined-to-remove-the-wonder-from-childhood/news-story/bfdf4202a156354afee9abd2ffca37b4

Childcare centres encouraged to audit toys and books Respectful Relationships

Rebecca Urban, The Australian, 21 August 2017

Childcare centres, preschools and libraries will be encouraged to scrutinise books, toys and posters to ensure play spaces are “gender equitable” in the latest government-led bid to tackle family violence starting in childhood.

Based on the premise that gender­ inequality is linked to violence against women, a new resource­ for Victorian councils will help children’s services to audit their resources to identify those that contribute to rigid gender­ stereotypes.

Produced by Melbourne’s Darebin City Council, the Creat­ing Gender Equity­ in the Early Years guide acknowledges that children’s use of play areas often differs, depending on whether they are male or female.

“It is important to not only think about who is where and how often, but what are they doing there?” the guide says.

“What are the storylines of their play telling you about what the children think are the normal roles for women and men?”

The guide also highlights the importance of books for commun­icating messages that reinforce or challenge messages about gender, and suggests ­reviewing the storylines of all books held on the premises. “How many books include only male characters?” it asks. “Of all the characters in all the books, what percentage overall are ­female?

“Do the attributes, activities and behaviours of the main character reflect gender stereotypes? Do female characters achieve success because of their own initiative and intelligence, or is it due to their looks and rela­tionships with male characters?”

The guide says stories that ­depict girls and boys participating in a wide variety of activities are important: “For example, stories about girls who get to be the hero and save the day, stories about boys spending a raining day ­inside doing the dishes and baking­ cakes”.

The initiative, which was one of 10 local government projects aimed at preventing violence against women to share in $345,000 of state grants, follows the rollout of the Respectful ­Relationships program.

That program, which encourages teachers to intervene in “gendered­ play” and avoid gender­-specific language such as “boys don’t cry”, has been critic­ised for being preoccupied with masculinity and gender stereotypes.

Darebin council’s preventing violence against women officer Teneille Summers said research had consistently shown that family­ violence had its roots in gender inequality, and the early years were a vital life stage for shaping future behaviours.

“If girls are interested in playing with dolls, that’s fine, as long as we’re not preventing them from exploring other interests as well,” Ms Summers said.

“It’s about thinking about ways that everyone can have a go in each of the (play) corners.

“I think early years educators are considering a lot of this ­already but they wouldn’t necessarily think about it as preventing family violence. But that is what they are doing.”

But Centre for Independent Studies senior research fellow Jeremy Sammut warned the program should alarm parents because children were being used as cannon fodder in the culture war.

“Rather than mould character and foster universal values of treating everyone equally, regardless­ of sex — which is the true purpose of all education — this guide is clearly politicising childcare by advising how to indoctri­nate kids with the ideology that says ‘gender’ is a social construct used by men to oppress women,” Dr Sammut said.

Ms Summers denied that the program was about enforcing ­political correctness on children’s services. “We’ve got great confid­ence in this resource because it’s evidence-based and it’s grounded on the findings of groups like Our Watch and the royal commission (into family violence).”

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/education/childcare-centres-encouraged-to-audit-toys-and-books/news-story/57b81bb2e38b85908517a59c3c3cc2f5

Early sexualisation of kids blamed for rise in student attacks Sexualisation

Stefanie Balogh, The Australian, 3 July 2017

The sexualisation of children and their easy access to online pornography is helping drive a significant jump in student-on-student sexual and indecent assault allegations at school, a leading psychologist warns.

In NSW government schools alone, the number of alleged student-on-student attacks rose from 90 incidents in 2015 to 142 last year. In the first five months of this year, 87 allegations of sexual and indecent assault in primary and secondary schools involving students were made.

The figures, released under freedom of information laws, ­reveals the number of alleged ­incidents involving the very young is also increasing.

In 2015, there were two allegations of sexual assault involving NSW primary-school students on other students. This rose to 14 incidents last year, and seven allegations ­involving primary schoolers were made by May.

Incidents involving alleged ­indecent assaults were also up in primary schools, with 19 student-on-student allegations in 2015, 41 in 2016, and 35 by May.

Michael Carr-Gregg, who specialises in parenting, children and adolescents, blames two ­factors for the increase in allegations in NSW. “One, the sexualisation of kids, and that’s through the media, and two, through their seeing pornography. I don’t think there’s any question about it,’’ Dr Carr-Gregg said.

Two 12-year-old boys were charged last year over the ­alleged sexual assault of a six-year-old girl at a primary school on Sydney’s northern beaches. The boys have pleaded not guilty and the matter remains before the courts.

Dr Carr-Gregg said the sexualisation of children through social and mainstream media was all- pervasive.

“Anecdotally, I would say parents would not have a clue what their children are doing online, ­period, including their activities of watching pornography,’’ he said.

“We have to have a conversation with our children about this stuff. It’s not a matter of if they see it, it’s when. If a kid has a phone then they have access to this stuff, that’s the problem.

“You just have to watch the Netflix shows. There’s still a message that comes through, I think, objectifying women, basically giving a very clear message to my ­clients, especially my female ­clients, that their worth is based entirely on how they look, rather than their achievements.’’

The NSW Education Department acknowledges allegations are rising. “Schools are amongst the safest places in our community. From time to time, incidents do ­affect schools just as they affect communities and society as a whole,’’ a department spokesman said.

“While there has been an increase in reporting of alleged sexual assault and indecent assault incidents from 2015 to 2017, it should be noted that there is a correlating increase in reporting across all incident categories during this time period, due to awareness and education programs highlighting the importance of ­incident reporting in schools.’’

The spokesman said the department supported schools in working with parents and relevant authorities to investigate and support students affected by alleged incidents, and mandatory reporting procedures were in place.

NSW Primary Principals Association president Phil Seymour said principals were increasingly vigilant about reporting and following up allegations.

“Notification has always been there but it is certainly ramped up a bit more. We’re more aware of it,’’ Mr Seymour said.

“And it does get awkward, because in some ways it can be really young kids who are trying to find out about the world and what is going on and don’t see the inappropriateness.

“They may be exploring their bodies. Years ago, we might just have let that go and just spoken to their parents or carers but now we are more attuned to it. This could explain some of the increase.’’

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/education/early-sexualisation-of-kids-blamed-for-rise-in-student-attacks/news-story/c96eb5f5253f226cb18dc44c2b544619

Chinese lobby group formed to oppose same-sex marriage and safe-schools MarriageSafe Schools Coalition

Rachel Baxendale, The Australian, 14 June 2017

The Australian Chinese community has founded a not-for-profit group to mobilise against same-sex marriage and the Safe Schools program.

Co-founder and Sydney GP Pansy Lai was behind a petition to the NSW government that last year gathered 17,500 signatures from Australian Chinese community members opposed to Safe Schools.

Dr Lai said she was overwhelmed by the response to her petition and had been inspired to form the Australian Chinese for Families Association, which launches this week. “I didn’t ­realise until I did the petition just how many people there are out there who are really concerned about Safe Schools,” she said.

“After we lodged the NSW petition, parents from other states got into contact with us, wanting to know what they can do to tell the government they don’t want their children being taught this inappropriate program.

“These are normal, everyday Australian Chinese parents and grandparents. There are no politicians among us.”

The group also opposes same-sex marriage.

Dr Lai said as a GP specialising in pediatrics, she opposed Safe Schools, which is designed to prevent the bullying of homosexual and transgender children, because it was “not scientific or evidence-based”.

“It’s really important to take into account that these children are still underage,” she said.

“This would be fine in a university program, but school­children should be a politics-free zone,” she said.

“The other thing that is important is parental consent. If children are going to be taught something that goes against their parents’ values, parents need to be informed and given a choice.”

Dr Lai said she believed her group, which already has several hundred members, represented a large proportion of the Australian Chinese community.

“We’ve got people from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Southeast Asia,” she said. “We definitely represent a large Chinese ­community, not only in NSW but nationwide.”

Dr Lai said although she was Christian, the organisation was “definitely not” a Christian organisation, and was open to members of all religions and none: “ACF is going to be a voice for many concerned Chinese Australians, and a platform for us to share resources and petitions for our community.”

The establishment of ACF comes as the Parliamentary Friendship Group for LGBTIQ Australians holds a morning tea in Canberra today to launch multicultural resources developed in consultation with Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Greek and ­Korean-speaking communities.

Professional polling commissioned earlier this year by the anti same-sex marriage group Marriage Alliance found key ethnic communities overwhelmingly opposed same-sex marriage. Only 28 per cent of Asians living in Australia said they were strongly supportive of changing the Marriage Act; 75 per cent of Muslims and Hindus “strongly opposed” same-sex marriage.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/chinese-lobby-group-formed-to-oppose-samesex-marriage/news-story/93919effaadf8065afd6793721ecd521

Safe Schools booklet: LGBTI teens could seek gender-changing treatment without parents’ consent Safe Schools Coalition

James Dowling, Herald Sun, 16 May 2017

A BOOKLET connected to the controversial Safe Schools program discusses how teenagers may get gender-changing treatment without the knowledge of their parents.

Education Minister James Merlino was peppered with questions from Liberal MPs about the government’s Safe Schools program and gender-based teaching materials at a Budget Estimates hearing.

Liberal MP David Morris said two booklets — housed on the Education Department’s website had suggested students could get some cosmetic surgery or be considered a “mature minor.”

The Mornington MP asked at the Public Accounts and Estimate Committee Inquiry asked if Mr Merlino believed it appropriate teenagers received hormone treatment or gender surgeries without parental consent.

But Education Minister James Merlino said the aged-appropriate resources were just a guide to help teachers combat bullying of LGBTI students.

He said those booklets were not produced by the Education Department and were a guide for teachers signed on to the Safe School programs.

“In regards to medical issues is a matter for doctors and not educators. It is between young people, their doctor and their family.”

He said Safe Schools was not about “chest-binding” or gender-based teaching but just providing a safe environment for all students to learn.

Mr Merlino said the Safe Schools program was often just a pledge by schools to provide a safe place for gay and transgender students.

He said it was not part of the curriculum and that 70 per cent of government high schools had signed onto program.

He said the department provided resources, which were developed with the help of La Trobe University.

The “OMG I’m Trans” booklet says “cosmetic surgeries such as nose or chin reconstructions are not subject to special restrictions”.

The booklet goes on to add that under law “parental consent is critical to any medical treatment.”

The guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or transition gender identity says students may be considered a mature minor and able to make decisions without parental consent.”

Earlier Mr Merlino also took a swipe at the federal government for the changes to the Gonski funding arrangement.

While Mr Merlino admitted there would be a “slight improvement” in funding he said it fell massively short of the original, but unfunded, first Gonski funding deal.

He said Victoria’s booming population meant that 90,000 school places needed to be found — 56,000 places from government schools.

He said the government needed to build 50 schools by 2021 at a rate of 10 a year.

Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/safe-schools-booklet-lgbti-teens-could-seek-genderchanging-treatment-without-parents-consent/news-story/46eb304510aaf00f18b4cb666d6af03d

Hotel hosting Christians targeted by ‘Safe Schools’ supporters Safe Schools Coalition

Tessa Akerman, The Australian, 10 May 2017

A Melbourne hotel has been caught in the crossfire of debate about the contentious Safe Schools program.

Arrow on Swanston, in Carlton, had agreed to host an Australian Christian Lobby event last night with speakers discussing Safe Schools and gender reassignment.

Before the event, the hotel received harassing phone calls and online threats that called the ACL a hate group and condemned the business for associating with them. The campaign comes after several Christian groups were forced to cancel their reservation at a Sydney hotel last year following threats to their meeting about same-sex marriage. About 30 ­people blocked the entrance to the hotel last night forcing police to escort attendees through their makeshift cordon.

The protest had started silently armed only with signs but turned into a war of words and accusations of assault.

“Jesus might love you but I don’t,” one protester shouted. “These people want us to die, they can get f..ked,” another said.

Australian Christian Lobby Victorian director Dan Flynn said they were hoping for a peaceful event, but had felt compelled to hire security guards and notify police because of the attention it had received. Mr Flynn said the meeting had been planned for about six weeks and the organisation expected more than 150 ­people to attend.

The seminar was due to feature the lobby’s director of research Elisabeth Taylor, and University of Western Sydney pediatrician John Whitehall.

The ACL website promoted the evening as Dr Whitehall and Dr Taylor helping the public “understand the consequences of teaching contested gender ideology to our kids”.

Transgender activist Regan Bleechmore said Dr Whitehall had advocated for the “wait and see” approach where treatment was withheld from children with gender dysphoria. “We will be there to remind the ACL: we are not your political football,” she said.

“We are human beings and we will not tolerate hate speech. The LGBTI political agenda wants people of all genders, sexes and sexualities to be fully accepted.”

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/hotel-hosting-christians-targeted-by-safe-schools-supporters/news-story/deb3db838dd2a77b5e049e92866e8f71

School’s bid to ban Mother’s Day ‘blocked’ Safe Schools Coalition

Rebecca Urban, The Australian, 9 May 2017

A Melbourne primary school that scrapped its Mother’s Day stall in the name of “diversity” and ­“inclusivity” is understood to have reversed the decision after a phone call from a concerned parent — Bill Shorten.

Moonee Ponds West Primary School was facing a backlash from parents shocked to read in this week’s newsletter that the stall — where children can spend their pocket money on small, token gifts for their mother or ­another “significant loved one” — would not be going ahead.

Instead, principal Jeff Lyon ­revealed, the school would ­celebrate UN International Day of Families. “I believe celebrating International Day of Families is a more inclusive way of celebrating the richness, diversity and complexity of living and loving as a family in the modern world,” Mr Lyon wrote. “The day highlights the importance of all caregivers in families, be it parents, grandparents or siblings and the importance of parental education for the welfare of children.”

The Opposition Leader, whose daughter goes to Moonee Ponds West, rang the school late yesterday. He said the decision had been reversed.

Asked to comment on the decision by the school, which is in Mr Shorten’s electorate, he described it as a “wonderful’’ institution. “I’ve spoken to the principal this evening and I understand there will be a Mother’s Day stall,” he said.

Samantha Hanna, who went to the school as a child and sends her children Isabela, Dante and Didier there, said parents had been surprised by the move.

“I remember as a kid lining up and agonising over whether to get mum the soap on the rope or the scented candle, and now I love getting these little gifts … from my own kids,” Ms Hanna said.

“I know that there are some single parent families at the school, and for those mums this is probably the only gift they will get from their children. I understand that some don’t have mums around but it is a good time to think about the importance of mums and dads and the role they play in our lives. I’m glad to hear it’s been reinstated.”

While some parents were dismayed about the initial decision, other politicians weighed in with concerns about the advent of political correctness in the school playground.

Victorian Education Minister James Merlino distanced himself from the move. “While these are local decisions, I would have thought Mother’s Day was a great opportunity to celebrate not just mums but other carers and family members,” he said. “I know I will be spoiling my mother this ­Mother’s Day.”

Opposition education spokesman Nick Wakeling pointed the finger at the Andrews government for forcing “political correctness” on schools. “Mother’s Day is about celebrating the maternal figures in our lives, whether it is mum, grandma, an aunt or a female mentor, and honouring their contribution as women in society,” he said. “If it’s not banning the signing of traditional Christmas carols or reading classical fairy tales, (Premier) Daniel Andrews’ attack on our cultural traditions continues.”

Mr Lyon was not available for comment last night.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/education/melbourne-primary-schools-bid-to-ban-mothers-day-blocked/news-story/19b290258b933298e648db34de65f2ab