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Our Kids have rights! Let's Protect them.

Look at what “Safe Schools” resources include:

Gay and lesbian sex techniques

Boys wearing girls school dresses

Chest binding for girls to inhibit breast growth

Penis tucking

Sex toy links

LGBT networks

Fetish club links


George Christensen exposes Safe Schools Coalition Australia adult sex links in federal parliament

George Christensen shows adult sex links

Note: These links were active at the time of publication of the Safe Schools program in 2015.

See the Safe Schools Coalition Australia links to Twenty10 labeled as a place to find “support”

Watch this space. More to come.

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Why Safe Schools is really “Unsafe Schools”

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs. It encourages many risky sexual activities.

It is so controversial that the Prime Minister has ordered a review of the Federal Government’s funding for the program.

SSCA was created at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University. Many SSCA resources have been produced by Minus18. Both have received Victorian government and the Federal government has provided $8 million to SSCA. It was first rolled out in Victorian schools.

More recently, the program has been expanded across Australia to over 520 schools. The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has declared that it is to be compulsory in all Victorian schools by 2018.

Kids have rights, and those rights must be protected

All children have the right not to be bullied at school or online. Anti-bullying programs must emphasise respect for each and every other person, not single out any one group as though only that group faces bullying.

Parents have the right to decide when it is the right time to talk to their children about intimate LGBTI issues, not the state and not the school.

Parents have the right to determine what values they want taught to their children. Of concern is that the person who set up the Safe Schools Coalition Australia, Roz Ward, claims that the program is part of a strategy to radically change society as claimed by its creator, Roz Ward, who claims that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”

While children an education in human biology appropriate to their age, they also have the right to be protected by the state and by their schools from the Safe Schools Coalition program that links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs.

Check out which schools have signed up to the Safe Schools program:

NSW; Victoria; South Australia; Western Australia; Tasmania; ACT; Northern TerritoryQueensland; Note: Many Queensland schools in the program are not named on the SSCA web site.

This petition will be sent to Federal, State and Territory governments promoting and funding Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA).

The Petition

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers, and Federal, State and Territory Education Ministers:

We the undersigned object to governments promoting and funding the Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) program for schools.

We object strongly to:

  • SSCA resources providing school students with links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs;
  • the program promoting risky behaviour such as chest-binding and gender transition treatment;
  • students being taught how to cover their internet browsing history so their parents may not know what they are accessing online;
  • the promotion of a wide variety of risky sexual activities as normal behaviour;
  • the SSCA program being part of a strategy to radically change society as claimed by its creator, Roz Ward, who says that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”

We the undersigned urge your government to promote and fund genuine anti-bullying programs that teach students to respect each and every person, and call on your government to defund and remove the SSCA program from schools.

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Kids Rights



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Jeff Kennett: Safe Schools funding lost if Roz Ward stays GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian,  May 31, 2016

One of the most influential backers of the Safe Schools program has threatened to withdraw future financial support, unless the founder of the program, hard-line Marxist Roz Ward, steps down over her comments denigrating the Australian flag.

Beyondblue chairman Jeff Kennett yesterday called for Ms Ward to resign from the role, saying her “extreme political views” rendered her “ineligible to be involved in any program …. in schools”. Mr Kennett, whose charity has provided almost $600,000 over the past two years to La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, which administers the Safe Schools program in Victoria, added: “You don’t want extremists in there. Her behaviour and her statement clearly indicate a belief which goes well beyond the conditions of which I am prepared to have this subject taught in schools.”

While Ms Ward’s Marxist leanings have been a matter of public record for some time, last week’s post to Facebook, in which she called for the “racist Australian flag” to be replaced with the red ensign favoured by socialists, appears to have been a step too far for her supporters within Victoria’s Labor government.

Ms Ward was forced to resign from a state government education advisory role as a result, while La Trobe University announced an investigation into her role as manager of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, which is funded by the state government.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham yesterday called for Ms Ward to step down from the national steering committee for Safe Schools Coalition Australia, which has recently severed ties with the Victorian branch.

“Given Ms Ward saw it fit to resign from her appointment with the Victorian government, I would expect that she do likewise for any remaining role associated with the National Safe Schools program,” Senator Birmingham said.

“Her extreme views have done a grave disservice to this program and are anathema to the vast majority of Australians.”

The Australian understands that Ms Ward’s role on the steering committee has come under scrutiny in recent months, with several members approaching chairman Anne Mitchell to discuss her “ongoing involvement in the program”. (more…)

Do we really have to cater for 58 different genders? Government

By Karalee Katsambanis,  a mother-of-three and a journalist for more than 20 years.

The Age, May 30, 2016

New York City now officially recognizes 31 genders. Facebook has gone even better and upped the ante on New York by managing to recognize 58 genders.
NYC’s Commission on Human Rights has released a list of different genders that businesses must accommodate or risk a six-figure fine.
Using the wrong pronoun when referring to someone who may get offended by what someone else has said, could also result in a fine.
Talk about treading on eggshells. This whole gender identity issue is beginning to exemplify political correctness gone mad.

Sex and gender are defined as being different things. However, people really are beginning to tune out with the level of political correctness currently being rammed down our throats by a small minority intent on redefining well-known and understood societal norms.
It has nothing to do with recognising gender diversity as a genuine issue. But 58 genders? This is ridiculous!
It is high time we stopped tip-toeing around a tiny, radical minority and brought some plain old-fashioned common sense back into fashion.
This is also NOT about being homophobic, so let me knock that one on the head too. Gay friends were happy to be enlightened by me regarding the 58 choices we apparently all have, and even they rolled their eyes!
Number 1 on the New York list is bi-gendered, followed by cross-dresser, drag-king, drag-queen, femme queen, female-to-male, FTM, gender bender, genderqueer, male-to-female, MTF, Non-Op, Hijra, Pangender, Transexual/Transsexual, Trans person, woman, man, butch, two-spirit, trans, agender, third sex, gender fluid, non-binary transgender, androgyne, gender-gifted, gender-bender, femme, person of transgender experience, androgynous.
‘Woman’ and ‘Man’ come in at number 16 and 17 on the list and if most people are not a little surprised at that, then they are not being honest.
It defies logic that anyone outside a small, ideologically-driven cabal would even know all 31 supposed genders.
Facebook has introduced 58 “custom” gender options. Added to the 31 above, are the terms beginning with “Cis”. Cisgender, cis female, cis man, cis woman, cis gender female, cis gender woman, cis gender male, cis gender man and so the list goes on. (more…)

Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward quits Vic government role over post GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 28, 2016

Safe Schools Coalition co-ordin­ator Roz Ward was forced yesterday to quit her advisory role with the Victorian government and faces a university ­investigation over a Facebook post where she ­labelled the Australian flag “racist” and called for it to be replaced with a socialist red ­ensign.

Ms Ward, who was advising the government on LGBTI issues, posted the incendiary statement after Premier Daniel Andrews apologised in the parliament on Monday for past gay discrimin­ation.

The government hoisted a gay-pride rainbow flag on Victoria’s Parliament House as part of the historic event.

Ms Ward posted a photo of the rainbow flag on top of Parliament House on Facebook with the comment: “Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state parliament and get a red one up there and my work is done.”

The Weekend Australian ­discovered the message during the week and on Thursday night asked the government and Ms Ward for comment.

In response, Ms Ward’s resignation and an apology was distributed to the media yesterday and the post removed yesterday morning from her Facebook page.

Ms Ward’s biggest allies, La Trobe University and the ­Victorian government, yesterday strongly criticised her post.

The government’s Gender and Equality Commissioner, Rowena Allen, said it was inappropriate.

“Ms Ward has acknowledged that the post was inappropriate and may have caused offence, even if meant in jest, and posted in private,” Ms Allen said.

“The Safe Schools program is not about any one person, it’s about providing safe and inclusive environments for all LGBTI kids at school. The Victorian government remains proud in its support of the Safe Schools program, and this will in no way affect the running of the program.”

Ms Ward remains employed as the Victorian co-ordinator of Safe Schools through La Trobe University, but a university spokesman said her post was being inves­t­igated.

“While the university respects academic freedom and the importance of free speech, we are concerned about the impact these comments could have on the good standing of our researchers in this field and the university takes this very seriously,’’ the spokesman said. “We will commence an invest­igation and consider all our available options.”

Ms Ward yesterday expressed regret. “I apologise for any offence that comments, posted on my ­private Facebook page, may have caused the government and ­members of the LGBTI community,’’ she said.

“These were private comments that were never intended for the public domain.’’

A government spokeswoman said: “Ms Ward’s view on the Australian flag is inappropriate and does not in any way represent the Victorian government’s view.”

The move may cause a headache for Mr Andrews, who has ­decided to fund Safe Schools in its current form, despite the federal government deciding its curriculum should change.

The program, which was ostensibly designed to prevent bullying of gay and transgender students, will be compulsory in Victorian state secondary schools by 2018.

The federal government pulled its funding from Safe Schools in March and gutted the curriculum after concerns from conservatives that it promoted a leftist ideolog­ical agenda.

Ms Ward has come under fire previously for linking the program with political causes. Railing against a “push to fit people into gender constructs that promote heterosexuality’’ at a Marxist ­conference last year, she alluded that Safe Schools was part of a broader strategy to change society.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/safe-schools-chief-quits-over-racist-flag-post/news-story/0186eacde79d86309c3ff2fc6598e45d

Alan Jones tells Malcolm Turnbull to ‘wipe out’ Safe Schools program Safe Schools Coalition

9 News, May 25, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull has broken his two-year boycott of Alan Jones’ 2GB breakfast program, with the influential conservative broadcaster pressing the prime minister to “wipe out” the Safe Schools program.

Alan Jones started the interview saying those who were expecting another “brawl” would be disappointed.

Jones allowed Mr Turnbull to spruik his election campaign rhetoric mostly uninterrupted, and did not bring up Tony Abbott or last year’s leadership spill.

At one point Mr Turnbull praised Jones for making a point about superannuation “very eloquently, as always.”

“Thank you,” Jones replied, with a chuckle.

As the interview drew to a close, Jones asked the prime minister how he would feel about one of his daughters participating in the “role plays” as set out in the Safe Schools anti-bullying program.

Citing an example of a roleplay involving 15-year-old bisexual girl who already had “15 sexual partners”, Jones asked why it was not “wiped out of the curriculum”.

“What we have done is make some changes, based on independent, professional advice, and what they are is involving parental involvement and consent,” Mr Turnbull said.

“Speaking for the Coalition, parents should be (involved), and these are the changes we’ve made.

“There is no substitute for active, involved, and engaged parental consent.” (more…)

Sorry Bill Shorten, but you’re just not right Safe Schools Coalition

Mark Latham, The Courier Mail, May 24, 2016

In part, Mr Latham wrote:

Shorten has also moved Labor to the left with his embrace of the philosophical underpinnings of identity politics.

Post-structuralist Marxism argues capitalist social messaging and power structures are so debilitating for people that they can’t understand their true racial, sexual and gender roles in society.

Thus women are permanently oppressed by patriarchy. Ethnic minorities are the victims of embedded racism. All gender and sexual expression in society is fluid, meaning men can be women (and vice versa) whenever they choose.

Post-structuralism was the brainchild of Michel Foucault (1926-84), a radical, socially deviant French philosopher.

Foucault was opposed to the Age of Enlightenment, arguing that Western traditions of knowledge-based reason locked people into the “historical construct” of their identity “essence”.

He aimed to liberate the individual from these oppressive, bourgeois influences.

This philosophy has inspired the Safe Schools and Building Respectful Relationships programs introduced by the Victorian Labor government and supported by Shorten.

The programs’ authors have openly declared their commitment to post-structuralist Marxism.

One of them, Roz Ward from La Trobe University, told Melbourne’s Marxism 2015 Conference that: “The Safe Schools Coalition is making some difference but we’re still a long way from liberation; Marxism offers the hope and strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways.”


Miranda Devine: Labor Party elite protect their own kids, not others Safe Schools Coalition

The Sunday Telegraph, May 22, 2016

AT least we know that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews are sensible parents.

Both Labor politicians have chosen to send their children to schools where they will be protected from the sexual propaganda of the Safe Schools program.

Andrews has made Safe Schools mandatory in Victorian schools and derides as “bigots” anyone who criticises its extreme teachings on “gender fluidity” and “heterosexism”.

But, while he’s happy to inflict such nonsense on other people’s offspring, he sends his own children to Catholic schools where Safe Schools will never be part of the curriculum.

Shorten sends his daughter to a local public school in Melbourne but she is too young to be exposed to Safe Schools until she hits high school.

But if she follows her older siblings into independent schools, she, too, is likely to remain blissfully safe from Safe Schools.

Do what we say, not what we do, is alive and well among Labor’s elite.


THE dominant media narrative about this election seems oddly misaligned with observable facts.

For instance, Fairfax media yesterday trumpeted the latest IPSOS poll as evidence that Malcolm Turnbull is in dire straits.

In fact, it shows Labor’s primary vote still stuck at an unwinnable 34 per cent.

Then there was the unfortunate mishap with Bill Shorten’s convoy near Cessnock on Thursday. Footage on Channel 9 showed what happened. About 12.45pm, the Shorten convoy is crawling along the 80km/h road and then begins slowly pulling off the road one by one onto the narrow verge.

A white Mitsubishi Magna behind them pulls out to overtake the convoy and collides with a blue Nissan Pulsar driven by a 21-year-old woman who is later taken to hospital with minor head injuries.

Shorten invites the driver of the Mitsubishi and her small son to take refuge in his car while emergency services personnel free the trapped driver from her Nissan.

Fair enough. But every story then became about wonderful Mr Empathy.

It was ‘Shorten comforts mother’ and not ‘Shorten’s convoy creates traffic hazard that results in head-on collision’.

We know from local resident Norm Aboud that “it’s a dreadful little bit of road so your life is in your hands every time you’re on it”.

Yet the wisdom of calling an impromptu press conference on the narrow verge of a notorious stretch of a country road went unquestioned.

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/miranda-devine-labor-party-elite-protect-their-own-kids-not-others/news-story/4a8cce1a2bd1f7fcbc8887e85eb6ac9e

David Penberthy: The innocence of youth has been swallowed up by a cesspit of porn Safe Schools Coalition

Sunday Mail (SA), May 21, 2016

In part, David Penberthy, says:

As a parent, my main gripe with the Safe Schools issue had little to do with questions of sexual preference but more that it was predicated on the apparent primacy of sexual conduct in determining one’s identity, with its target audience including many very young people who do not engage in sexual conduct at all.

I could not care whether people are straight, gay, bi or devoted to a life of abstinence. No child should be made to feel isolated or vulnerable on the basis of their sexuality or identity. Kids will, hopefully, learn that at home, and their schools should remind them of the fact.

But the thing which annoyed me most about the Safe Schools agenda – specifically, the external resources it relied upon courtesy of radical outside organisations such as Minus 18 – was that some of the teaching modules went way beyond urging respect, tolerance and awareness.

They seem to be demanding sexual activity, or at least working on the presumption that everyone in class is sexually active, creating an environment where young people risk feeling like losers if they’re not.

At a time when so many kids are struggling to read and write, or develop a deep knowledge of history or geography, it seems bizarre that we will set aside much-needed taxpayer dollars for so-called “learning” modules on the Minus 18 website which canvass a range of sexual practices and which even make light of the prospect of catching STDs.

Every parent of teens and soon-to-be teens will tell you that the toughest gig in parenting these days is limiting the time the kids spend social networking. It is difficult to limit their use because computers are now so intertwined with the curriculum that there’s always an ostensibly valid reason to have the damn things in front of them.

The amount of time they spend online is a less-troubling issue than the prospect of what they will find – by accident or design – when they get there.

For girls, it means self-doubt, anxiety over their appearance, and a warped sense of how they should behave; for boys, it means a tawdry set of expectations for their interactions with women. And it has all been created by an adult world where even some of our nuttier educators are wholly defined by the question of what they choose to do with their private parts.

Read Full article.


Marxist Roz Ward now Victorian school LGBTI adviser GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 23, 2016

Roz Ward, the hardline Marxist behind the contentious Safe Schools program, has been appointed to a high-level committee advising the Victorian government on education issues.

With the taxpayer-funded sexual and gender diversity program having become a hot election issue, after the Greens and Labor pledged to boost funding, the Andrews Labor government appears increasingly committed to pushing an LGBTI agenda in the schoolyard.

Ms Ward, already a director of the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, has joined the education reference group set up to provide advice on the government’s LGBTI education priorities and identify new ways to improve equality for gay and transgender youth in schools.

The group comes under the mantle of the government’s LGBTI Taskforce, co-chaired by leading transgender activist Brenda Appleton, which provides direct advice to Equality Minister Martin Foley.

While the taskforce membership was announced in September, the make-up of its education reference group has not been publicly disclosed. But Ms Ward’s role is detailed on the website of La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society, where she works.

Ms Ward, an academic with a degree in gender studies, has become the controversial face of the Safe Schools movement, largely due to her extreme Left political views; including publicly linking the program to a broader Marxist push to liberate society from “gender constructs”. (more…)

Greens make religious liberty an issue Government

Anthony Fisher, The Australian, May 21, 2016.

“Bishop jailed for excluding gender ideology from classroom”; “Muslim parents required to enrol children in gay-friendly program”; “Hindu teacher who said marriage between man and woman fined for hate speech” — such might be the headlines if the new Greens policy on religious liberty and “heteronormative bigotry” were ever to become law.

Some Greens policies are very attractive to many religious believers and other idealists; for example, with respect to the environment or refugees. So they are all the more confused by recent moves to push our new groups of religious believers to the margins.

Religious liberty is set to become a major issue in the forthcoming election. Parents send their children off to school each day expecting their minds to be nourished and their safety guaranteed. But the Greens want $32 million spent on a so-called Safe Schools program that is neither nourishing nor safe, and want churches, schools and parents charged with discrimination if they fail to conform. They’ve challenged other parties to make similar announcements.

The Safe Schools program as originally published was controversial; it was somewhat amended after a review and may be defunded after the election. But some favour continuing to fund the revised version and the Greens want the unreformed version imposed on all. This proposes that children be taught that sex is about the outside body but gender about how you feel inside; that it’s up to you to choose your gender and how you express it; that children should play-act as if they were LGBTI adults; that they should feel free to dress in the school uniform of the opposite sex and use their bathrooms; and so on.

It also denounces examples of “heteronormativity”, such as people asking if a baby is a boy or a girl. And it’s all being badged as an anti-bullying program, needed to protect kids from the hateful bigots that occupy our schools.

Ironically, some of the loudest advocates of this “anti-bullying program” are set to engage in some big-time bullying themselves. They would rather force church schools to close than allow them to teach politically incorrect things. Name-calling and belief-shaming of those who disagree with us are textbook bullying — yet these advocates call anyone who disagrees with them a “bigot” or a “homophobe”. (more…)

Labor follows Greens on Safe Schools GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 19, 2016.

Labor will review the carve-outs in Australia’s anti-discrimination laws, with Bill Shorten leaving open the door to removing further exemptions for religious institutions.

The Opposition Leader also committed to extending funding for the contentious Safe Schools program beyond 2017 while providing no solid defence of religious freedoms amid a fresh push to tighten anti-discrimination measures.

While the Greens this week tied themselves to a termination of the religious exemptions in the national anti-discrimination framework, Labor’s own policy platform commits the party to a re-examination of the appropriateness of the existing carve-outs. The review leaves open the prospect of a Shorten-led Labor government winding back or even removing religious exemptions from Australia’s anti-discrimination laws.

Opposition legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus suggested a strong approach would be taken on this issue. “Labor believes that no faith, no religion, no set of beliefs should ever be used as an instrument of division or exclusion,” Mr Dreyfus told The Australian.

“Condemning anyone, discriminating against anyone, vilifying anyone is a violation of the values we all share, a violation which can never be justified by anyone’s faith or belief.”

Asked last night if Labor supported or opposed removing the religious exemptions as per the Greens proposal, The Australian was referred by Bill Shorten’s office to the ALP platform, which argues the carve-outs must not prevent people from accessing “essential social services”.

No clear answer was given by Mr Shorten on whether he supported the removal of religious exemptions. When pressed on this issue on the campaign trail in Sydney, he said: “We do believe that people shouldn’t be discriminated against in their employment on the basis of the criteria which currently exist. So we are not as keen to just simply start changing everything, denying people their employment rights.”

The Safe Schools program triggered a conservative backlash for introducing students to the concept of gender fluidity and encouraging school kids as young as 11 to role-play being in same sex relationships.

Malcolm Turnbull ordered a review of the scheme this year following a revolt by a majority of the Coalition backbench, with Education Minister Simon Birmingham then limiting the program to secondary schools, removing inappropriate content and involving parents.

Yesterday the Prime Minister said the program had been modified to the extent there was more parental involvement and consent in it “which I think most parents would find reassuring’’.

“Labor and the Greens are heading in a trajectory of their own,’’ Mr Turnbull said.

Asked about the Safe Schools program yesterday, Mr Shorten confirmed Labor would continue to fund the scheme but did not say whether he would keep the heavy curtailments introduced by Senator Birmingham.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/federal-election-2016/federal-election-2016-labor-follows-greens-on-safe-schools/news-story/7430c1716fb7633819b4b0449e4664a8

Bill Shorten sticks up for Safe Schools program Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, Cut and Paste, May 19, 2016.

Anti-bullying, or else! Bill Shorten is all in with the Safe Schools agenda, yesterday:

I don’t want politicians trying to dictate books kids read in school or their curriculum. That’s what we’ve got teachers and experts for.

Leave it to the “experts” to dictate, then. Safe Schools co-ordinator Roz Ward, quoted in The Australian, March 22:

When people do complain then school leadership can very calmly and graciously say, ‘You know what? We’re doing it anyway, tough luck’! (It’s) not about celebrating diversity; not about stopping bullying. (It’s) about gender and sexual diversity.

And definitely don’t let parents have a say. Safe Schools manager Joel Radcliffe, from the same article:

Parents … seem to have a lot of power (in) schools. Parents don’t have the power to shut this down.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/cutandpaste/bill-shorten-sticks-up-for-safe-schools-program/news-story/b6ce8b2d6e291929f285619d2d59bea6

Federal election 2016: Labor eyes Greens’ safe schools lead GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 18, 2016.

Labor is considering restoring the controversial Safe Schools prog­ram after the Greens promised to roll it out fully and strip churches of exemptions in discrimination laws.

As the opposition continues to be forced to defend its left flank from the Greens, Labor may reverse changes the Coalition made to the program this year amid an outcry over 11-year-olds being asked to role play as gay teenagers.

Labor’s education spokeswoman, Kate Ellis, told The Australian: “We established the Safe Schools program and we think it does incredibly important work.

“In contrast, the Liberals are cutting the program entirely next year. Given Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals are intent on ­pursuing their divisive plebiscite on marriage equality, it’s more important than ever before that LGBTI young people, and kids growing up in diverse families, are safe from bullying at school.” (more…)

Federal election 2016: churches put ALP on notice over Safe Schools GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 18, 2016.

Labor risks putting religious groups offside in the lead-up to the election if it decides to fund the controversial Safe Schools Coalition gay and transgender anti-bullying program.

The Greens yesterday pledged $32 million to the program in the next four years but Labor’s education spokeswoman Kate Ellis is yet to reveal its policy.

The Coalition gutted the program in March and said it would not continue federal funding after 2017, in response to concern from conservatives that it was promoting a leftist ideological agenda.

Anglican Bishop of North Sydney Chris Edwards said the Sydney diocese would oppose federal funding for Safe Schools.

“But especially concerning were the comments by the Green’s spokesman that they opposed the requirement for students to obtain parental permission to take part,” he said.

Victorian Catholic Education Office executive director Stephen Elder said the Greens’ pledge was not an appropriate use of public funds. “When 1728 Catholic schools in Australia were given a choice, only two chose to include Safe Schools material in their curriculum. This is because wellbeing programs within our system already teach the benefits of family values, respect for self and others to promote an anti-bullying message,” Mr Elder said.

He said a cynic would see the Greens announcement as merely political grandstanding. (more…)

Federal election 2016: Greens turn up heat on Safe Schools agenda GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

Paul Kelly, Editor-At-Large, The Australian, May 18, 2016

The Greens pledge for a $32 million four-year rollout of the gender fluidity Safe Schools program — combined with a frontal assault on religious liberty by toughening anti-discrimination law — lights up sexual and cultural values in this election and poses serious questions for Labor.

The revolt is now gathering pace — led by the ALP Andrews government in Victoria and the Greens — against the Turnbull government’s hefty curtailment of the Safe Schools agenda and its intention to stick by the original plan and terminate federal funding in 2017. Bill Shorten and Labor have been fierce champions of the Safe Schools program. They attacked the March 18 announcement by Education Minister Simon Birmingham that imposed major revisions in the teeth of hostility from the program’s advocates. Shadow minister Kate Ellis slammed the decision as an “absolute disgrace” and branded the critics as divisive and extremists.

Yet Bill Shorten during a full week of campaigning on education and schools last week failed to spell out Labor’s position.

That cannot last long since the Greens have now tried to wedge Labor yet again — this time on the Safe Schools program, seen as iconic by political progressives. So, where does Labor stand? The ideological anger over this program, on both sides, is intense and growing. It was bound to happen. Many observers were slow to fathom that the Safe Schools program — with its pervasive philosophy of gender fluidity and rejection of the male/female gender paradigm — was destined to become a values and culture war battleground between traditionalists and progressives backed by the LGBTI community.

The performance of political leaders on this issue has been astonishing. Premier Daniel Andrews regularly brands critics of the program as “bigots” and Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, regularly brands them as “homophobes”. Such inflammatory language from party leaders and premiers about their critics is almost unprecedented in politics these days. It is completely unacceptable coming from leaders, but reveals the depth of feelings around this issue.

Andrews and the Greens are turning up the political heat. Malcolm Turnbull has been extremely reluctant to get involved in this public debate despite Birmingham’s significant changes to the program last March after a revolt by a majority of the Coalition backbench.

The risk for the Coalition is that its conservative heartland — for example, think Senator Cory Bernardi — will re-engage and compound past errors with more counterproductive remarks. But since protesters defaced Bernardi’s office and intimidated his staff, his ongoing involvement is pretty much inevitable.

The Greens in their statement yesterday have escalated the stakes by tying changes to anti-discrimination law to the expanded Safe Schools program to deliver “a full suite of policy positions on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia”.

The Greens sexuality spokesperson, Senator Robert Simms said: “Under current anti-discrimination laws, a gay man can be fired from working at a private school and a transgender person can be turned away from a religious homeless shelter.”

The exemption from anti-discrimination law for religious institutions and schools allows them to retain their religious character. It is a cornerstone for religious freedom in this country. Eliminating the exemption has long been a priority target of the Greens, many progressives and human rights lawyers.

The prospect is that legal changes would allow the state to impose agendas such as the Safe Schools program on faith-based institutions against their will. The Andrews government has long said it wants the Safe Schools program mandatory in all schools. The Greens are fully aware of the electoral clout of the LGBTI community and its supporters. (more…)

Greens unleash ideological zeal GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 18, 2016.

In the unfortunate event Australians found the Greens in a power-sharing alliance with Labor after July 2, nobody, including party leader Richard Di Natale, could surely expect their absurd proposal to back away from the US alliance, the bedrock of Australia’s strategic policy for 75 years, would ever see the light of day.

The views set out by Senator Di Natale to the Lowy Institute yesterday would better suit a fringe protest group than a professional party. Their pacifist approach would also scuttle the $50 billion submarine project in South Australia. With a quasi-religious fervour, the Greens’ real agenda for the coming parliament also emerged, however, in the form of their “plan for inclusive communities’’, released to mark the “International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia’’.

In supporting “our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities’’, the plan brushed aside the rights of families who would prefer their children to attend school — including religious schools — without being guilt-tripped over the use of “heteronormative’’ words such as ‘‘he’’ and “she’’, wasting time role playing same-sex relationships and repainting zebra crossings in rainbow colours.

Such arrant nonsense has no place in an education system falling behind Asian and other nations in literacy and numeracy. The Coalition modified the Gillard government’s “Safe Schools’’ program after The Australian revealed its content in February. It will not fund it after next year. But the Greens would quadruple its four-year funding to $32 million.

More alarmingly for parents whose children attend religious schools — a third of enrolments — the Greens want the elimination of exemptions to anti-discrimination legislation on religious grounds. All schools should outlaw bullying and instil respect for individuals, regardless of race, faith, gender, or sexual orientation. But the extremes of the so-called queer agenda are anathema to most Australians, who find them ridiculous at best. That includes state school parents, who are entitled to a say in whether the Safe Schools program is taught to their children. The Greens’ eagerness to impose such an agenda amounts to support for rigid social engineering. (more…)

Greens promise to end religious exemptions to Sex Discrimination Act Safe Schools Coalition

The Guardian, May 17, 2016.

The Greens have promised to remove religious exemptions to federal anti-discrimination law and increase funding to the Safe Schools anti-bullying program.

The promises are contained in broad-ranging Greens policy for LGBTI rights to be released on Tuesday by their LGBTI equality spokesman, Robert Simms, and gender identity spokeswoman, Janet Rice.

The Sex Discrimination Act contains a number of exemptions for religious organisations providing accommodation and religious educational institutions

The Greens are concerned that these allow gay teachers at religious private schools to be fired for their sexuality or faith-based homelessness shelters to refuse to accept transgender residents.

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s traditional rights and freedoms inquiry said these were designed to protect religious freedom. In submissions to the inquiry, some religious organisations such as the Australian Christian Lobby said they did not go far enough in protecting their freedom. (more…)

ALP silent on cash for Safe Schools program Government

The Australian, May 17, 2016.

Labor education spokeswoman Kate Ellis is yet to declare whether the party will fund the Safe Schools program, but yesterday noted that it “does incredibly important work”.

The anti-bullying program, which was supported by the Labor Party, was gutted by the Coalition in March in response to concerns that it promotes a leftist ideological agenda.

The Coalition declared that Safe Schools would receive no federal funding after next year, when the Gillard government’s $8 million contribution to the program runs out. It also banned links to third-party materials on the Safe Schools website, such as the promotion of gay and transgender youth network Minus 18.

Ms Ellis yesterday would not reveal Labor’s policy on Safe Schools and whether it would fund the program after 2017.

“We established the Safe Schools program and we think it does incredibly important work,’’ she said. “The government will cut this program entirely next year. Labor will have more to say on our education policies in the lead up to the election.”

Education Minister Simon Birmingham said: “If the Labor Party choose not to support our responsible and measured changes then they will need to explain to Australian parents why they believe the removed web links and classroom activities should be retained.”

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/federal-election-2016/alp-silent-on-cash-for-safe-schools-program/news-story/8a0efd2c009d352aa5aa692aa5d3ad51

Safe Schools critics accuse Facebook of censorship Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian,  May 17, 2016.

A vocal critic of the controversial Safe Schools Coalition has ­accused Facebook of censoring its conservative viewpoint after a newspaper article that it shared at the weekend mysteriously ­disappeared.

The article, published in The Weekend Australian, had highlighted cases of the gender and sexual diversity program being taught in primary schools, despite it being intended for secondary schools only.

Christian lobby group Family Voice Australia uploaded the article, titled “Kids of 7 learn ‘gender diversity’ from Safe Schools ­Coalition”, at 11am on Saturday and by mid afternoon it had generated hundreds of “likes”, shares and comments.

When a site administrator checked the page again at about 7pm, the article was gone, leaving in its place a message advising the account had been “sending out spam”.

Family Voice also claimed this was not the first time its posts had been deleted, with several articles it shared last year about its traditional view of marriage also disappearing.

Last month, John Dickson, who runs the Centre for Public Christianity, revealed that an opinion piece he had penned and uploaded to Facebook was removed for failing to adhere to “community standards”. The article had called for a more respectful debate on same-sex marriage. (more…)

Wagga councillor Paul Funnell slams Safe Schools program as ‘debauchery’ of policy GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Daily Advertiser, May 16, 2016.

City councillor Paul Funnell has spoken out against the increasingly contentious program that has reignited hostile debate ahead of the federal election.

Mr Funnell said rather than being an anti-bullying policy, the Safe Schools initiative would lead to a radical sexualisation of young Australian students.

“This programme has nothing to do with abolishing bullying,” Mr Funnell said. “It’s disgraceful, X-rated social engineering and will see the sexualisation of our children.”

The program, intended to be rolled out in primary schools across the country, is aimed at developing a safe and inclusive environment for same-sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.

Mr Funnell described some of the program’s suggested content as completely “ludicrous” and even, in some cases, “criminal”.

“The material is completely inappropriate and does not belong in schools,” he said.

“Much of this would be considered grooming if it was not wrapped up in this programme and people would be rightly arrested.

“It’s ludicrous that this program teaches children that your genitals don’t determine your gender and it completely warps their concept of sexuality.” (more…)

Safe Schools: Pre-election hostilities reignite over GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Age, May 14, 2016.

Hostilities over the Safe Schools program have reignited ahead of the election, with Victoria walking away from federal funds to openly defy Malcolm Turnbull’s attempts to amend the controversial curriculum.

After declaring Victoria would go it alone to make the program mandatory in every secondary school, the Andrews government will launch a new web page on Sunday providing access to the original material used to teach students about sexual diversity – rather than any watered down versions produced by the Commonwealth.

The move comes after Safe Schools resources were taken down from the program’s national website in recent weeks, redesigned to remove any lessons or links the federal Coalition deemed inappropriate for students, and placed on a federal government-controlled online portal.

But the latest developments have enraged Victoria, with state Education Minister James Merlino claiming he wasn’t properly consulted before the material was removed, and accusing the Prime Minister of standing “with the bigots and bullies instead of standing up for vulnerable students”.

“We will continue to support SSCV (Safe Schools Coalition Victoria) and will make the existing resources available on the department’s website because Safe Schools saves lives,” Mr Merlino said.

Defying the Commonwealth means Victoria will be required to spend about $1 million of its own funds to roll out the program, and the Safe Schools Coalition of Victoria will not receive any additional financial support from Canberra (worth around $300,000), unlike other states that adhere to the Coalition’s changes.

But it also will mean that teachers and students will be able to use every lesson plan in its original form – including the All of Us teaching manual that conservative Liberal MPs such as Cory Bernardi claimed was “indoctrinating children”. The state will also make available a new resource for students in grade five to year 10, which focuses on same-sex families. (more…)

Daniel Andrews puts Safe Schools online Government

The Australian, May 16, 2016

Students and teachers across the country will still be able to access resources of the original Safe Schools program that were axed by the federal government, after the Andrews government vowed to fight “bigots” by making the course material available online.

Victoria is the only state planning to continue with the ­unamended version of the program — which includes homosexual role-play and asks students to consider gender as a fluid concept — following a ­review that prompted changes to the federally funded course.

Premier Daniel Andrews said he would encourage students in other states to search for the ­material on the Victorian education department’s website. (more…)

Kids of 7 learn ‘gender diversity’ from Safe Schools Coalition Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 14, 2016.

Children as young as seven have been exposed to lessons about “transgender experiences”, with the Victorian head of the controversial Safe Schools Coalition ­admitting having taught the secondary­ school program in prim­ary schools.

In a lecture given by Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward, which was captured via audio ­recording, she discusses an ­activity from the program’s main teaching guide, All of Us, claiming, “I did this with a Grade 3 class”. “It’s a great activity if you ever want to do it,” she tells the group of teachers.

In a separate recording, Ms Ward refers to visiting a primary school in regional Victoria to discuss gender ideology.

Last week, Ms Ward, who has a masters degree in gender studies but no teaching qualification, was photographed at RMIT in Melbourne lecturing a group of student primary school teachers about the program.

Neither audio recording, ­posted on the Stop Safe Schools Coalition Facebook page last month, indicates when the lectures were given.

A Safe Schools spokeswoman declined to comment on whether Ms Ward had undertaken primary school visits since March, when the federal government ordered an overhaul of the program.

However, the All of Us resource­ was created only with Year 7 and 8 students in mind. (more…)

Safe Schools ­anti-bullying ruling ‘forcing us to go private’ Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, May 4, 2016.

A Victorian father has pulled his daughter out of a state school after the Andrews government’s decision to make the Safe Schools ­anti-bullying program a mandatory part of the curriculum.

Steve Burgen, whose daughter was until last week in Year 10 at Frankston High School in Melbourne’s southeast, said Safe Schools was incompatible with his conservative Christian beliefs.

He says his family is being strong-armed out of the state ­system by the ideologically charged program, which is based on aspects of socially radical queer theory. Mr Burgen said he was being forced to enrol his daughter in a private Catholic school, despite it being beyond his financial means.

He would also move his other children, aged 13 and 10, to Catholic schools. “We’ve got three children and, frankly, we can’t really afford to put three children into private school, but we don’t have much choice,” he said.

Victoria is the only state where the controversial Safe Schools Coalition program will be compulsory for state schools by 2018. (more…)

Call to study gay issues at preschool Government

The Australian, April 30, 2016

Preschoolers should be introduced to the concept of same-sex marriage, according to a leading early education academic who is advocating against the notion of “compulsory heterosexuality” in the classroom.

Melbourne University research fellow Kylie Smith, a contributor to the education curriculum in Victoria, has published a paper about the importance of political activism in the early childhood sector, focusing on the marriage equality debate and ideas around gender.

Echoing proponents of the controversial Safe Schools program, Dr Smith, who works in the university’s Youth Research Centre, laments the degree to which early education resources represent gender and sexuality as “fixed” rather than “fluid and changing”.

She refers to her experience teaching “Lydia”, who had said she wanted to grow up to be a boy. She had told the young girl that “it might not be easy but she can and people like doctors can help”. The paper, titled “And the princesses married and lived happily ever after: challenging compulsory heterosexuality in the early childhood classroom”, was published as part of a broader occasional paper released by the university in December.

Last month the federal government ordered an overhaul of the Safe Schools Coalition following a review that found ­elements to be inappropriate for younger students. Advocacy group Early Childhood Australia has courted controversy with its “start early” program, a resource for teaching about respectful ­relationships that touches on ­issues about sex, sexuality and crossdressing. (more…)

Students asked about sex GovernmentSafe Schools Coalition

The Australian, April 25, 2016

A new sex education course funded by taxpayers is quizzing 12-year-old children about sex and masturbation and teaching them to search online for sexual inform­ation.

The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships — produced by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University — also ­directs students to study a gay website criticised by federal ­Education Minister Simon ­Birmingham.

The teaching guide contains a quiz for Year 7 students, including the question: “Will masturbation make your palms go hairy?’’

Students as young as 12 are tested on whether they know what proportion of teenagers “have not had vaginal sex” before the age of 16. The quiz also asks: “How does a person know if they are gay?’’

A 40-minute lesson instructs children to safely search the internet for information about sex and sexuality, using filters to screen explicit results. (more…)

Neo-Marxist feminists send a neutered Trojan Horse into schools to re-engineer our children’s sexuality and social values Government

Mark Latham, The Daily Telegraph, April 26, 2016

IN monitoring the political correctness of the Left, a clear pattern has emerged. Inner-city “progressives” have adopted the clever, time-honoured tactic of the Trojan Horse.

Having lost the big debates about economic and foreign policy, they have invented a new range of “oppression” ­issues — pretending that ­Australia is a bigoted nation that persistently mistreats women, gay people and ­anyone from a non-European racial background.

The Trojan Horse strategy is used to take otherwise well-intentioned issues, such as anti-bullying and domestic ­violence prevention, as a way of achieving Leftist outcomes. (more…)

Stereotype of ‘bullied, at-risk’ homosexual youth queried Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, April 21, 2016

An education researcher has queried the stereotype of the “bullied” or “at-risk” homosexual youth, suggesting it is a construction of scientific literature that may be counter-productive.

University of New England academic Tiffany Jones appears to have broken ranks from many colleagues in the field b  ­highlighting the deficiencies of some advocacy-driven research studies, particularly those presenting gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (GLBTIQ) youth as victims of ­homophobic bullying.

It is an extraordinary admission given Professor Jones’s role as a collaborator on a high-profile research project, the 2010 Writing Themselves In 3 study, which has propagated this view and formed the basis for education policy across the country, including the Safe Schools gender and sexual diversity program.

In a paper published in the Journal of Sex Education, Professor Jones argues that the “bullied GLBTIQ student” is a recent emergence constructed by researchers, many of whom are backed by GLBTIQ networks. (more…)

US Federal Court: Schools May Not Provide Separate Bathrooms Based on Biology Safe Schools Coalition

The Daily Signal, April 19, 2016

On Tuesday, the Fourth Circuit Court ruled against a Virginia school district that sought to accommodate a transgender student while also protecting the privacy rights of other students.

The court concluded that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972—which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—should be interpreted as prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity, as a Department of Education letter suggested in 2015. The ruling allows a lawsuit brought by a transgender student to proceed.

The case involves a biological girl who identifies as a boy. The court’s majority explains it this way: “G.G.’s birth-assigned sex, or so-called ‘biological sex,’” is female, but G.G.’s gender identity is male.” Note the scare quotes around what the court calls “so-called ‘biological sex.” Biological sex, in fact, is precisely what Congress protected in 1972.

In a stinging dissent, Judge Paul Niemeyer points out that “the majority’s opinion, for the first time ever, holds that a public high school may not provide separate restrooms and locker rooms on the basis of biological sex.” It’s hard to imagine that that’s what Congress was prohibiting when it enacted Title IX in 1972. (more…)

Target makes stand on transgender toilets Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, April 20, 2016

Target is making a stand on the debate around what type of bathrooms transgender people can use.

In a statement posted on its company website, the discounter, based in Minneapolis, said transgender employees and customers can use the restroom or fitting room facility that “corresponds with their gender identity.”

“Inclusivity is a core belief at Target,” said the retailer in a statement. “It’s something we celebrate.”

The statement comes as a national debate is exploding over whether to restrict transgender people to using public bathrooms that only match their sex at birth.

North Carolina is facing backlash for its recent ban on local anti-discrimination ordinances.

Several musicians including Bruce Springsteen have cancelled planned tour stops in North Carolina, and PayPal pulled back on plans to open a 400-employee operation center in Charlotte in response to the new law.

Other states are considering legislation similar to that adopted by North Carolina.

Target Corp says it regularly assesses issues and considers many factors that would impact business, customers and workers.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/target-makes-a-stand-on–transgender-bathr/news-story/c64f316a360c2d7319a480996b92858d

Protect kids from Marxist sexualisation programs Government


There are few forms of predation that offend our common morality more than child sexual abuse. During the 1970s, pedophile groups capitalising on the sexual liberation movement sought to redefine their exploitation of youth as an expression of children’s sexual rights, self-determination and autonomy. Groups such as the North American Man/Boy Love Association claimed children were sexual beings and sought to repeal age of consent laws to liberate their sexuality. They were welcomed by fringe elements of the neo-Marxist minorities movement that advocated sexual libertarian ideology under Queer and “sex positive” politics. (more…)

Children sexualised in school diversity programs Government

The Australian, April 15, 2016

The sexualisation of children is not a method of domestic violence prevention. At worst it is an insidious form of abuse, often used by pedophiles to groom their victims. Yet Daniel Andrews’s government has funded another program in schools that encourages adults to sexualise children and expose them to sexually explicit materials. Such behaviour violates common standards that protect children from premature sexualisation but the program is presented as an exercise in diversity and inclusion.

As education editor Natasha Bita revealed on yesterday’s front page, the Andrews government has dedicated $21.8 million to extending the Building Respectful Relationships program, funded on the basis of domestic violence prevention. Its objectives are to educate students about “gender, violence and respectful relationships” as part of “state and federal initiatives to prevent violence against women”. Like the Safe Schools Coalition program, which celebrates a neo-Marxist queer political agenda, Building Respectful Relationships promotes sexual content of an extreme nature.

Despite a stated aim to work against premature sexualisation, BRR encourages explicit discussion of sexuality, including writing personal advertisements and anal sex. Lessons also cover transgenderism and deconstructing gender. Students are coached to use the gender-neutral term partner instead of boyfriend and girlfriend to be “inclusive of gay and lesbian partnerships”. (more…)

Year 8 kids to study sex ads under ‘domestic violence’ curriculum Government

The Australian April 14, 2016

Students as young as 12 will study sexualised personal ads and write their own advertisements seeking the “perfect partner’’ as part of a new school curriculum supposed to combat family violence.

The classroom material includes an example ad from a “lustful, sexually generous’’ person seeking “sexy freak out with similarly intentioned woman’’.

Another ad — to be analysed by Year 8 students aged 12 and 13 — is from a “30-year-old blonde bombshell, wild and sexy, living in the fast lane’’.

“Can you keep up?’’ it asks.

A third example cites a “hot gay gal 19yo’’ who is seeking an “outgoing fem 18-25 into nature, sport and night-life for friendship and relationship’’.

Children are instructed to “write your own personal ad for the perfect partner’’.

The Building Respectful Relationships material, which is meant to prevent family violence, is replacing religious education lessons during class time in Victorian state schools this year. (more…)

Students to study sexualised advertisements in bid to combat family violence Government

Geelong Advertiser, April 15, 2016

HIGH school students will soon be studying sexualised advertisements as part of a new curriculum aimed at combating family violence.

In a resource written in response to the State Government’s report on respectful relationships education, students in years 8, 9 and 10 will be studying “looking for partner” advertisements from newspapers and online dating websites. South Barwon MP Andrew Katos.

Some of these include advertisements that cite “Lustful, sexually generous, funny and (sometimes shy) … seeking sexy freak out with similarly intentioned woman”.

Another reads: “Slim dark-skinned older guy (looks young and fit) seeks guy 25 to 40 who likes love and affection, kissing etc.” South Barwon MP Andrew Katos said the Victorian coalition thought this kind of content in a school curriculum crossed the line. (more…)

SSCA embeds sexualisation of children and young people in Australian schools Safe Schools Coalition

13 April 2016                                                                                       Report: Australian Family Association

The Australian Family Association (AFA) appeared before a hearing of the NSW Committee of Inquiry into the Sexualisation of Children and Young People in Sydney on 7 April. To access the AFA Submission click here .

The AFA submitted that the Safe Schools Coalition program (SSCA) is embedding the sexualisation of children and young people in the very education system – in the schools. (more…)

WATCH: Aussie ‘safe schools’ leader admits program is about gay activism, not bullying Safe Schools Coalition

MELBOURNE, March 18, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Undercover video recorded at the 2014 Safe Schools Coalition National Symposium has exposed as a lie the claim that the program is about helping students stand up to bullying in schools.


Safe Schools judge co-chair of gay youth group Twenty10 Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, March 26, 2016

An academic paid with government money to independently evaluate the controversial Safe Schools Coalition anti-bullying program is the co-chair of a gay and transgender organisation that was promoted in the school material.

University of Sydney academic Cristyn Davies is one of the researchers undertaking a $270,000 evaluation of the ­program.

She is also the co-chair of Twenty10, a counselling service for young gay and transgender people.

Access to the Twenty10 service was promoted on the Safe Schools materials through the All of Us resource.

Liberal MP George Christensen, who is hostile towards Safe Schools, this month said in parliament that one of the biggest concerns he had with the program was the links to outside resources such as Twenty10.

“The safe Schools All of Us teaching resource directs students to the LGBT organisation Twenty10. On the 19th of January this year, Twenty10 held a ­hands- on workshop for youth on sex toys and sadomasochistic practices,” Mr Christensen said.


Tasmania will also gut Safe Schools anti-bullying program Government

South Burnett Times, 20th Mar 2016.

TASMANIA will follow the Federal Government’s lead and adopt changes to the controversial Safe Schools anti-bullying program while Victoria has vowed to go it alone and stick with the original plan.

The Federal Government announced a shake-up of the program after concerns raised by conservative Coalition MPs and senators that some of the content in the program was not appropriate for children.

The program, which focuses on gender diversity and same-sex issues, will lose Commonwealth funding if states do not comply with the new Federal Government guidelines.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham said some lesson plans would change and the program would be restricted to high schools.

The decision was criticised by Labor MP Scott Bacon, who said the government should have stood up for young Tasmanians and join Victoria in leaving the program unchanged.

Source: http://www.southburnetttimes.com.au/news/Tasmania-will-also-gut-Safe-Schools-anti-bullying/2970289/

Safe Schools: tell concerned parents ‘tough luck!’ Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, March 22, 2016.

A Safe Schools national symposium was told by the program’s Victorian co-ordinator, Roz Ward, that schools could ­ignore concerns raised about the agenda. “When people do complain then school leadership can very calmly and graciously say, ‘You know what? We’re doing it anyway, tough luck’!” she told more than 300 attendees. Leaked video footage from the event, which emerged at the weekend, also appears to confirm what critics of the program have long suspected: that it was more about promoting radical political ideas around sexuality and gender than preventing schoolyard bullying. “(It’s) not about celebrating diversity; not about stopping bullying,” Ms Ward said. (more…)

Safe Schools: NSW Premier Mike Baird defends federal government’s review Government

Sydney Morning Herald, March 22, 2016.

NSW Premier Mike Baird has defended the federal government’s changes to Safe Schools by revealing his own concerns over the material within the controversial anti-bullying program.

Mr Baird weighed into the debate for the first time. He said he found some of the material linked to the Safe Schools program to be inappropriate.

“How on earth can our children be looking at this?,” he told ABC radio. “I think that the changes that the federal government announced are sensible and reasonable.” (more…)

Scepticism as survey doubles teen same-sex attraction Safe Schools Coalition

The Australian, March 19, 2016

Sex education in schools is being dictated by activist-driven research projects aligned to gay and lesbian groups, resulting in the significant overstatement of the rates of same-sex attraction among young people and questionable claims about the degree of homophobia in the schoolyard.

The latest National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health, conducted by La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, claims that 16.8 per cent of 16-19-year-olds reported being attracted to the same sex.

The ARCSHS figure is more than double that cited in earlier incarnations of the report and more than four times higher than the number of same-sex-attracted people identified in the 2013 Australian Study of Health Relationships, the nation’s most comprehensive study of sex and relationships. (more…)

Safe Schools: Abbott joins backbench push to de-fund bully program Government

The Australian, March 17, 2016.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has promised a “strong” response to a review of the taxpayer-funded Safe Schools Program, urging critics including Tony Abbott to “hold fire” until the government can lay out its plans.

Tony Abbott has signed a petition demanding the de-funding of the controversialanti-bullying program, as Liberal moderates suggested a similar program be rolled out to educate their conservative colleagues about gay and transgender issues…

Disgruntled backbenchers were last night devising a partyroom powerplay by circulating a petition to suspend the program’s $2 million annual subsidy pending a “full-blown” parliamentary inquiry. It has been signed by at least 30 MPs, which is half the backbench, including Mr Abbott.

Read full article here http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/education/safe-schools-abbott-joins-backbench-push-to-defund-bully-program/news-story/3dcb928969e31e3f7c8a5d0a206a02f1

MP calls for a inquiry into the Safe Schools after paedophile link.. Government

MEDIA RELEASE:  For immediate release

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

George Christensen MP has revealed more in parliament about the Safe Schools following Senator Birmingham’s review of the program.

He said that the Deputy Director of the Australian Research Centre for Sex Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University, Professor Gary Dowsett, has publicly supported paedophilia. Mr Christensen quoted a Dowsett article, “Boiled Lollies and Band-aids” from Gay Information, where Dowsett says:

“How different then is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his/her lover? … that kind of love, warmth, support and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship.”

Senator Birmingham’s Review of the SSCA had limited time and was not able to examine the extreme Marxist sexual revolutionary strategy of the program’s architect, Roz Ward from the ARCSHS, nor the SSCA resource links to outside adult sex sites, the questionable research behind the program or the unscientific queer gender theories embedded in the program.

Clearly all these issues mean the government cannot continue to fund the program and needs to hold a full and open inquiry not only into the Safe Schools program but the ideologies behind the program and the research surveys used to justify it.

For more information on SSCA go to www.kidsrights.org.au