Fred Nile vows to ditch NSW government over ‘unsafe schools’ program

The Daily Telegraph, June 28, 2016

Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party, which has the balance of power in the NSW Upper House, has vowed to withdraw support for the Baird government unless the Safe Schools program is suspended.

“I’m withdrawing support [for the government] unless they immediately take action to issue an instruction that the Safe Schools program is to be suspended in all government schools,” Mr Nile said yesterday from Tasmania, where he is campaigning for the CDP’s bid for a Senate spot in Saturday’s federal election.

“It must be suspended and then removed so it is no longer an approved program in NSW schools.

“I call it ‘Unsafe Schools’”.

Mr Nile says he is fed up with complaining about Safe Schools every time he meets with Premier Mike Baird, and yet the program remains.

“Everyone in the government acts as if the course is no good … but won’t take any action,” he said.

“We have raised it with the premier and I thought he would have by now issued some sort of order over the [education] minister [Adrian Piccoli] but he seems reluctant to have a head-on fight with him.”

Safe Schools is funded by the federal government and is used as a resource in as many as 131 NSW schools, including 23 primary schools.

It teaches children to question their sexual orientation and gender identity, telling them gender is determined by how you feel, not the genitalia with which you were born.

Critics say it sexualises children and is akin to paedophile grooming.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham has announced changes to the program, but Mr Nile says it is not enough.

The CDP is running Senate candidates in every state, including Tasmania, where Mr Nile’s wife Silvano Nero is the candidate, and is directing preferences to the Coalition.

“We are the conservative alternative you can trust,” he said.


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