Neo-Marxist feminists send a neutered Trojan Horse into schools to re-engineer our children’s sexuality and social values

Mark Latham, The Daily Telegraph, April 26, 2016

IN monitoring the political correctness of the Left, a clear pattern has emerged. Inner-city “progressives” have adopted the clever, time-honoured tactic of the Trojan Horse.

Having lost the big debates about economic and foreign policy, they have invented a new range of “oppression” ­issues — pretending that ­Australia is a bigoted nation that persistently mistreats women, gay people and ­anyone from a non-European racial background.

The Trojan Horse strategy is used to take otherwise well-intentioned issues, such as anti-bullying and domestic ­violence prevention, as a way of achieving Leftist outcomes.

Our schools are in the frontline of this push.

The Safe Schools program, for instance, was supposed to be about anti-bullying, but it has been captured by neo-Marxist academics as a way of re-engineering social values.

Its founders have admitted that “it’s not about stopping bullying, it’s about gender and sexual diversity, about same-sex attractive, about being transgender and intersex”.

As the program itself might say, it’s a Trojan Horse with no penis or vagina.

The Building Respectful Relationships (BRR) curriculum, which was introduced in Victorian schools this year, is just as deceptive.

Earlier this month it ­attracted publicity for its ­sexualisation of 13-year-olds.

Year 8 students are ­required to draft advertisements for their ideal partner, along the lines of: “Lustful, sexually generous Tigerb1962 seeking sexy freak-out with similarly intentioned woman.”

Lessons such as these are being taught in the name of stopping domestic violence.

But further into the BRR class activities it’s clear the program has other agendas in mind.

Some of the material is just plain strange, such as the ­following “common response to experiences of violence”: “I must be gay because I got an erection, which means I must have enjoyed it.”

Other scenarios are ­incredibly confronting, such as: “You are a 15-year-old boy who has been forced to give your uncle oral sex.”

Apparently, throughout ­society, there’s a link between “the sexist nature of sexual imagery in the media” and “its effect on gender-based violence and power”.

Shouldn’t this be something parents deal with, rather than relative strangers teaching our children in schools?

The time when educationalists stuck to academic ­instruction has long passed.

Now they see themselves as a cross ­between Dr Ruth and Jerry Springer.

Most of the BRR material is straight from the Left-feminist textbook.

Even music videos cop a serve, with students being told they encourage sexual ­harassment.

I’ll never look at Molly Meldrum and his Countdown memorabilia the same way again. Perversely, some of the BRR lessons teach young men how to take jobs and income opportunities away from young women — a worrying act of disrespect.

Year 10 students are shown how to lodge petitions with to “stop the promotion and support of a lingerie football league in Australia”.

The women in the footy league are exercising their free choice to participate and earn an income, but this decision runs counter to the Big Sister brigade who wants to throw them on the unemployment scrapheap. The final lesson in the BRR ­program promotes Leftist ­theories of cultural hegemony — the notion that Australia’s commercial media gives people a misleading impression of society, thereby acting as a tool of capitalist oppression.

Students are shown a ­number of statements they have to identify as applying to either “MediaWorld” or “RealWorld”.

Anyone with a triple-digit IQ would quickly work out what to do. In the MediaWorld it is said that, “Most people are white”, “It’s quite common for women to have cosmetic surgery on their faces, breasts and/or genitals” and — get this one — “All men have very large penises”.

What I want to know is how did the BRR authors get hold of my infamous buck’s night video?

By contrast, in the RealWorld, “Most heterosexual sex does not include anal sex”, “Most women enjoy touching and kissing in the lead-up to sex” and “Men do not always want to have sex”.

What’s this got to do with stopping domestic violence?

Ultimately, BRR is a lesson in indoctrination, telling young people what they should and shouldn’t think about the role of the media.

This is not surprising, given the political background of the main BRR author, Debbie Ollis.

A Leftist researcher from Deakin University, Ollis has declared her belief in “post-structuralism”, a Leftist ideology that seeks to debunk the beliefs of the 17th-18th century Enlightenment, which urged people to identify observable facts and use rationality and reason to advance society. Post-structuralism is the basis of modern identity ­politics, arguing that capitalist hegemony is so severe that ­individuals are unable to find and express their true identity (sexuality, gender and race).

According to Ollis, the human body and sexuality are “socially and culturally ­constructed” rather than natural phenomena.

She argues that gender can only be understood through “the patterns, meanings and structures (media, language, family, school, law, language, sport, marriage etc.) which ­influence how men and women understand themselves as male and female”.

Within this framework, ­notions of gender are fluid.

As per the Safe Schools program, all language should be gender-neutral and children should be encouraged to self-select their gender.

Observable truths no longer matter. All that counts is what an individual says about his or her identity and anyone who contradicts this is subject to PC censorship — ­allowing the Left to control the ­language of ­identity ­politics.

Ollis has campaigned strongly for Safe Schools, ­condemning the recent ­Federal Government changes as “moral panic”.

While one might expect Victoria’s Labor Left government to support post-structural feminism, the Liberal Party is not immune from this nonsense.

In NSW, Respectful Relationships are also being taught in Years 7-10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education classes.

On several NSW Education Department websites the BRR material is listed as a teaching resource.

Just as Tony Abbott ­allowed Safe Schools to proliferate under his prime ministership, Premier Mike Baird has allowed the Victorian ­disease to cross north of the border and infect our children.

Ollis must be laughing her head off knowing that her ­political philosophy is shared by no more than 0.1 per cent of the population, yet it’s now being taught to the next generation of young Australians in more and more classroom.


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