Safe Schools program is a Trojan horse for sexual behaviour


The Australian, August 20, 2016

Letters to the Editor

Rebecca Urban’s article revealed the fact that there are far too many neo-Marxist academics who have concluded that schools and malleable minds are the best avenue for a militant exercise in state-sanctioned social engineering (“Explicit sex acts guide in classes”, 19/8). There is indeed a place for such frank discussions regarding sexual behaviour. It is called the family home.

The central problem with such a Safe Schools program is that it is a loaded Trojan horse, whereby LGBTI lifestyle choices are being presented to children as inevitable genetic occurrences, and variant sexual behaviour is deemed to be mainstream.

Are those schools that plan to buy into this new syllabus also able to assure the protection of the consciences of those students from conservative ethnic and religious backgrounds, who would not be able to subscribe to this new forced sexual world order? Many of us would recall the image of John Cleese in The Meaning of Life, giving an enactment of intercourse on a desk in front of a class of school boys. Will it soon be a similar case of life imitating art if the gay, inner-city elite have their unbridled way?

Peter Waterhouse, Craigieburn Vic

As a teacher and mother of sons, I am disgusted that such a Safe Schools program could be contemplated, let alone funded and endorsed. The leftist twaddle embedded in the syllabus is frustrating enough, the poor literacy skills of many students entering high school is disturbing, but this latest rubbish defies belief.

Marney Meredith, Singleton, NSW



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