SSCA embeds sexualisation of children and young people in Australian schools

13 April 2016                                                                                       Report: Australian Family Association

The Australian Family Association (AFA) appeared before a hearing of the NSW Committee of Inquiry into the Sexualisation of Children and Young People in Sydney on 7 April. To access the AFA Submission click here .

The AFA submitted that the Safe Schools Coalition program (SSCA) is embedding the sexualisation of children and young people in the very education system – in the schools.

The AFA is of the view that SSCA sexualises sexualisation of children and young people in that it encourages students to:

  • question their sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • adopt a label such as gay, lesbian, queer or “pansexual”;
  • view all forms of sexual activity as acceptable, normal and safe;
  • experiment with sexual activity and to decide for themselves when they are ready to do so;
  • connect with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) adult groups outside the school;
  • seek advice from teen sex advice websites such as Scarleteen (which gives advice such as on how to restrain a sex partner with rope, use of sex toys such as dildos vibrators and how to masturbate using electric tooth brushes and shavers) and the NSW group Twenty10 which in January held a “hands on” workshop including an “Intro to Kink and BDSM” and “Hands on exploration with toys, tools and safe sex devices.”
  • believe that gender is fluid and is how you feel and not determined by your “wibbly wobbly bits” or by your DNA. The SSCA program promotes the theory of gender fluidity which has no basis in science and centres their sexual identity on feelings which during adolescence especially can be very changeable and confusing for them.
  • seek to change school policy to allow for eg boys who “identify” as girls to use the girls toilets and change rooms and to wear whatever part of the school uniform they feel comfortable with”;
  • consider experimental gender transition treatment as a valid option.


Also SSCA, rather than assisting parents to fulfil their responsibility to protect their children from sexualised images or messages:

  • recommends the Minus18 website which has an article on how students can hide their browsing history. So parents wouldn’t know what they are accessing.
  • advises students to ask teachers to unblock restricted websites which are blocked by the Department of Education internet filtering system: “Can you access websites from school computers that give information about gender diversity, same sex attraction or being intersex? Some students don’t have access to the internet at home, or it is monitored by their family so having access at school is really important.” (SSCA resource STANDOUT, page 18)
  • states that parental consent is not strictly required for the school to assist a student in their gender transition – that is up to the school to decide “whether it would be appropriate to involve the student’s parents(s) or guardian(s).” (SSCA resource Guide to supporting a student to affirm or transition gender identity at school )


The SSCA’s presentation to children and adolescents of irreversible gender transition treatment as a valid option is sexualising children and leading them to actions that are dangerous to their physical and mental health.

Gender transition treatment is in conflict with the views of leading medical professionals that gender dysphoria is a psychological condition that should be treated with counselling rather than surgery and hormone therapy. Gender transition treatments do not treat any underlying mental health issues and there is significant evidence that patients who have transitioned gender continue to suffer serious mental health issues and are at greatly increased risk of suicide in comparison to the general population.

There is no date yet for the Committee’s report to be handed down.


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