Students to study sexualised advertisements in bid to combat family violence

Geelong Advertiser, April 15, 2016

HIGH school students will soon be studying sexualised advertisements as part of a new curriculum aimed at combating family violence.

In a resource written in response to the State Government’s report on respectful relationships education, students in years 8, 9 and 10 will be studying “looking for partner” advertisements from newspapers and online dating websites. South Barwon MP Andrew Katos.

Some of these include advertisements that cite “Lustful, sexually generous, funny and (sometimes shy) … seeking sexy freak out with similarly intentioned woman”.

Another reads: “Slim dark-skinned older guy (looks young and fit) seeks guy 25 to 40 who likes love and affection, kissing etc.” South Barwon MP Andrew Katos said the Victorian coalition thought this kind of content in a school curriculum crossed the line.

“The coalition’s view is that this is something parents should be talking about with their children and not in a class that is mandated by what (Premier) Daniel Andrew’s view of the world is,” he said.

“To me and to the coalition it crosses the line a bit. The physiological side of sex education I have no problem with, but the parents are the ones that should be installing values over sexuality in their children.” The Government announced on Wednesday it would use $21.8 million of the $578 million package to combat family violence on expanding the respectful relationships program to primary schools and kindergartens in the next two years.

The Building Respectful Relationships resource used in the program was written by Deakin University senior education lecturer Debbie Ollis.

In one section to examine the dangers of pornography, students are instructed to discuss if the use of porn is ever good, and decipher if a set of statements are “media world” or “real world”, such as “women don’t have body hair”, and one about the size of a man’s genitals.

Other examples are “sex occurs between more than two people at once”, “women orgasm easily from whatever men do to them”, and “it’s quite common for women to have cosmetic surgery on their faces, breasts and/or genitals”. Ms Ollis said the resource aimed to teach children about the different characteristics of intimate relationships. “We have to get our heads out of the sand and realise that young people are accessing pornography — young people are seeing these kinds of things online.” she said.


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  • Christopher Walston-Leo

    NO to studying sexualised advertisements as part of a new curriculum aimed at combating family violence. This is totally warped and crazy thinking and ideology from people with personality and social disorders. It is predatory and grooming of our children as a paedophile would. This sort of teaching in schools must never be tolerated by any government.


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