Thought police on the march

The Australian, 2 December 2016

It is understandable that long-suffering parents opposed to the “gender fluidity” push by pro-LGBTI educators might tell their children to listen politely and keep their opinions to themselves. In conscience, parents who object to the Safe Schools and similar compulsory programs have little choice if their children are to attend their local state schools or others where such ideology is inflicted, often without parental consent.

Quiet acquiescence by children exercising freedom of thought, however, does not sit well with fanatics determined to change the thinking of those who are happy to be “boys” or “girls” and who instinctively find the idea of being a bit of both ridiculous and offensive. As Rebecca Urban writes today, educators are on the lookout for “modern homophobics” — students who appear disinterested or who offer “sham tolerance” — to teachers promoting “sexual diversity” education. Such attempted mind control — a product of fanatical, totalitarian thinking that should have no place in Australian education — would be intolerable at any time or in any society where parental and children’s rights were respected. The fact it has emerged when Australian children have been found to be sliding badly behind their international peers in maths and science underlines the need for an overhaul of classroom teaching.

It is no surprise that La Trobe University academic Roz Ward, founder of the misnamed Safe Schools program, is part of an international alliance that has produced a playbook for LGBTI activists to co-opt educators to their viewpoint. The guide warns activists that “modern homophobes state they are not homophobic … but they prefer their child not to be LGBTI and they prefer not to associate with LGBTI, especially when they do not conform to heteronormative standards”. Under the “gender fluidity” mindset, “heteronormative” terms include “girls” and “boys”. Such intolerable rubbish should be abandoned in all states and more time given to maths, science, English and other subjects that will educate children and prepare them to earn a living.


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