Truth is a fluid concept for Adrian Piccoli

Miranda Devine, The Daily Telegraph, 21 September 2016

EDUCATION Minister Adrian Piccoli continues to defend the “Safe Schools” sex education program, despite evidence it is not the anti-bullying program it purports to be. Despite the distress of parents who don’t want their children taught eccentric fantasies about gender and sexual fluidity, Piccoli continues to keep them in the dark.

For that alone he should have been removed from the education portfolio.

Now we discover his Education Department is inserting the same gender nonsense into the curriculum.

After Piccoli repeatedly denied that Cheltenham Girls High teachers had been asked to use gender-neutral language as part of their Safe Schools preparation, we find the Department of Education has launched an official 17-page teaching resource that says exactly that.

The “Teacher toolbox for delivering content relating to diversity of s*x, s*xuality and gender” says, on page five: “Use simple strategies within classroom teaching and learning activities, such as: de-gender language.”

It’s actually one of the most benign aspects of the newly ­sexualised curriculum in which both gender and sexuality are ­absurdly taught to be as changeable as the weather.

Another resource that forms part of the department’s 2015 “Crossroads” sex education program, titled “Do opposites really attract” says that: “It is important for students to move beyond ­binary thinking or thinking in terms of opposites.

“They need to understand that gender is not fixed.”

It presents character scenarios for Year 10 students which ­include Joseph who is married with three children: “When he masturbates, he fantasises only about men [and] is attracted to several of his male friends.”

Paddydeh “has only ever had sexual relationships with men. In her last year of high school she was sexually attracted to one of her girlfriends and for a few months fantasised about having sex with her”.

Piccoli has now sent off the Crossroads program to be ­reviewed by his new department head Mark Scott, a poisoned chalice if ever there was one.

But Sydney University Law professor Patrick Parkinson has reviewed the evidence which underpins these programs and found that the statistics cited are “just not true”. He’s called for a suspension of the Safe Schools material.

In his paper “The controversy over the Safe Schools program — finding the sensible centre”, ­released this week, Professor Parkinson writes: “The materials present statistics on same-sex ­attraction and transgender ­prevalence that have no valid scientific basis.”

Take the claim in the Safe Schools’ All of Us document that 4 per cent of all people are transgender or “gender diverse”.

“If that were so, then every high school class with 25 or more students would have at least one transgender child. Even if the broader definition of ‘gender ­diversity’ were used to include the gender confused or questioning, then every high school of 1500 students would have 60 transgender or gender diverse young people.”

He points to recent large-scale research studies on transgender identity which put the figure at closer to 0.35 per cent to 0.52 per cent. But Safe Schools materials “present gender as fluid when for about 99.5 per cent of the population, there is complete congruence between sexual characteristics and gender identity”.

He describes the concept of “gender fluidity” as a “belief system” unmoored in reality.

The Safe Schools material also claims 10 per cent of people are same-sex attracted.

“This is simply not the case,” says Parkinson, who says recent large-scale surveys here and in the US and UK find same-sex orientation among adults as between 1 and 3 per cent.

Most disturbingly, the materials “promote gender transitioning without the need for any medical and psychological guidance and even without parental knowledge or consent”.

We are funding this social engineering in our public schools, in some cases without parents’ knowledge, based on false sexual propaganda.

Plucky Revered Fred Nile is about the only NSW MP game to stand up to Piccoli over Safe Schools.

Just turned 82, at Budget Estimates on August 29, he forced Piccoli to state his continuing support for the discredited program and elicited the disturbing revelation, that a four-year-old about to enter kindergarten has identified as transgender.

Rev Nile pointed out to Piccoli that his children go to Catholic schools so aren’t exposed to Safe Schools material.

“It says how much confidence you have in the programs when your children attend schools that do not have it,” he said.

Exactly. Like Mike Baird, Bill Shorten and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, these great ­defenders of Safe Schools have ensured that their own children are safe from it.


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